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Physician Well-being and Professional Satisfaction


Physician Well-being and Professional Satisfaction

The American College of Physicians is concerned about the health of internists and internal medicine.

The Physician Well-being and Professional Satisfaction initiative is designed to foster a culture of wellness, reduce administrative burdens on physicians, improve practice efficiency and enhance individual physician well-being.

The initiative is being led by the Physician Well-being and Professional Satisfaction Task Force and includes tools and programs for individual members, their practices, and ACP Chapters, all focused on helping you and your patients thrive.

For questions, please contact the ACP Well-being and Professional Satisfaction team at

Physician Well-being Infographic
Click to view the full infographic detailing ACP's efforts.

Learn about ACP's Ongoing Commitment

ACP's strategy to address this complex issue is multi-faceted.

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ACP Statement of Commitment

The American College of Physicians articulates its strong commitment to physician well-being and professional satisfaction and its focus on both the practice setting and the individual.

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Message from ACP Leadership

Susan Thompson Hingle, MD, MACP, Immediate Past Chair of the Board of Regents of the American College of Physicians (ACP), details our organizational approach to this important issue in this column published in ACP Internist.

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Advocating for System Change

ACP has long advocated for systems changes to reduce administrative complexities affecting internists. Our Patients Before Paperwork initiative seeks to reinvigorate the patient-physician relationship. ACP's goal is to simplify reduce unessential tasks that detract from patient care and contribute to physician burnout.

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Well-being Champions

A key component of ACP's initiative is a trained team of Well-being Champions dedicated to fostering communities of wellness in their ACP chapters and local practices and health organizations.

Enhance Your Personal Well-being

You are not alone. Use these resources to seek help or to improve your individual well-being.

Professional Health and Wellness Mini-Portfolio

This portfolio features four 10-minute micro skills for well-being, developed to help you reflect, document current practices, and envision activities and behaviors that promote self-care and professional health and wellness.

Emergency Numbers and Recommendations

If you or someone you know is feeling suicidal, or if you are working through the loss of a loved one or colleague, please make use of the following resources on physician suicide and depression. For emergency care, call 911.

Building Your Resilient Self

This free webinar led by Gail Gazelle, MD, FACP, FAAHPM, executive coach for physicians and physician leaders, teaches how to build resilience in your life and in your practice.

Talk with Your Colleagues

Use our ACP member forum to discuss issues related to physician well-being and professional satisfaction, and to share experiences and resources.

Collection of Recommended Tools

Use this collection of Podcasts, TED Talks, blogs, apps, and more to take a deeper dive into improving your personal well-being and professional satisfaction.

Medical Student Well-being: Don’t Forget About Us

In this playback webinar, Micah Beachy, DO, FACP, discusses the importance of well-being for medical students and shares strategies for how to maintain it while in school and throughout training. Q&A follows.

Improving the Practice and Organizational Environment

ACP is committed to providing members with high quality information, resources, tools, and support to help your practices thrive in the growing value-based payment environment.

Workflow Innovations to Enhance Well-being

Resources capturing workflow innovations to improve and enhance physicians’ and medical teams’ well-being and professional satisfaction in both ambulatory and hospital settings.

Elevator Speech for Approaching Organizational Leadership

Use this printable resource as a guide to initiate a conversation about physician well-being and burnout with organizational executives.

Making the Case to Address Clinician Burnout

This free Practice Advisor module will guide you through how to initiate and facilitate a constructive meeting with institutional leadership about addressing clinician burnout/well-being.

Top 10 Culture Change Interventions

The top 10 interventions you and your colleagues can use in your practice to reduce burnout and promote a culture of well-being.

Table of Interventions

This table provides organizational-level interventions to improve physician well-being. Interventions are classified as addressing either culture of wellness or efficiency of practice, and are further categorized by practice type, resource needs to implement, and time frame to implement.

Collection of Recommended Tools

These resources offer additional strategies to prevent burnout and promote well-being at the practice level.

Physician Wellness: Time to Take Care of Our Own

This webinar, originally presented at ACP’s Internal Medicine 2017 meeting by Richard M. Wardrop MD, FACP, PhD, FAAP; Eileen Barrett MD, FACP, MPH; and Lisa L. Ellis MD, FACP, explores how health organizations can assess and respond to physician burnout.

How to Create a Clinician Wellness Committee

Creating a wellness committee is a concrete first step an organization can take to foster a culture of clinician wellness. Here's advice for getting one started at your organization.

Publications and Collaborations

ACP works with other organizations to help identify mutually beneficial solutions.