Top 10 Culture Change Interventions to Reduce Burnout and Improve Physician Well-being

Interventions you and your colleagues can use in your practice to reduce burnout and promote a culture of well-being.

  1. Limit work hours and offer flexible work arrangements.

  1. Invest in leadership development.
  1. Create a “Wellness Committee.” Identify a “Wellness Champion and create a “Wellness Toolbox” that includes ingredients for changing residency culture to be in support of wellness, as opposed to simply “preventing burnout.”
  1. Establish wellness as a quality indicator for the practice. Distribute an annual wellness survey and use the results to create interventions to address burnout and enhance well-being.
  1. Conduct facilitated physician discussion groups incorporating elements of mindfulness, reflection, shared experience, and small-group learning.  Offer humanistic teaching, role modeling and narrative reflection combined with skills training using experiential learning techniques.
  1. Establish a culture (time, space, training) in which teamwork and relationships are prioritized: relationships with patients and relationships with peers and colleagues.
  1. Provide relationship-centered communications skills training for physicians.
  1. Conduct workflow and Qi projects aimed at addressing clinician concerns.
  1. Implement the “Listen-Act-Develop” model which is based on organizational psychology and social science, with integration from institutional efforts related to quality improvement, safety culture, burnout- engagement and leadership development.
  1. Proactively work to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness to encourage clinicians to seek help when they need it.

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