Blood Clot Resources

Patient-centered education about blood clot prevention, risk factors, symptoms, and treatment

Blood Clot GuideBlood clots claim over 100,000 lives annually in the United States.  Many at-risk patients often do not understand or are even aware of blood clot symptoms or their risks for developing blood clots. ACP has developed patient-centered education resources about Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT) and Pulmonary Embolism (PE) blood clots, including:

A free web-based tool for assessing personal blood clot risks:

Patients can:

  • Take this quick and easy quiz at home or with their doctor 
  • Answer simple questions to learn about risk factors and ways to reduce them
  • Print out a final summary of their risk for blood clots to use for patient-doctor discussion

What You Should Know About Blood Clots guidebook, featuring topics such as:

  • Blood Clot Risk Factors: What factors increase risk for blood clots
  • Blood Clot Symptoms: Swelling, pain, redness, trouble breathing, chest pain and rapid heart beat
  • Blood Clot Prevention: Quitting smoking, staying hydrated, and regular movement/exercise
  • Blood Clot Treatment: Blood thinners, surgery, and other procedures
Patient FACTS

Patient FACTS information sheets about DVT and PE blood clots

  • Simple, streamlined, patient-tested and easy-to-read 8 ½ x 11 tear-off sheets
  • Written at or below a 6th-grade reading level
  • Include information about DVT and PE blood clots including: symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options
  • Offer relevant questions that patients can ask to help facilitate communication with their doctor

Blood Clot PosterOffice Poster

  • 16”x20” brightly colored poster that encourages patients to “Go With the Flow” and know their risks for blood clots
  • Instructs patients to speak to their doctor and to visit ACP’s free web-based tool to assess personal risk

ACP’s blood clot materials are available FREE of charge in both English and Spanish.

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