Small Practice in America: Perspectives from Patients, Physicians and Their Teams

This series of videos is the result of the work of the Center for Practice Innovation, a two-year project funded by the Physicians' Foundation for Health Systems Excellence to provide customized assistance to small practices wishing to improve the quality and efficiency of care. These videos highlight some lessons learned by the physicians and staff who participated in the project. Each video segment focuses on a different aspect of practice. These videos are for a wide audience including practicing physicians, office staff, residents, and medical students. They can also be used as motivational pieces for physicians in training because they highlight what patients want, what private practice is like, and how they - as the future of medicine - can offer high quality, personal care. Office staff may find the video useful for staff meetings to stimulate ideas and innovative approaches to improving care and office operations. Most importantly, the entire video is intended to inspire and motivate clinicians and practice teams to continually strive to improve their practice across all aspects of care.