EHR Adoption Road Map

Unlike the installation of word processing and other off-the-shelf software applications, adoption of EHR is an on-going process. Intended to transform practice operations, it requires analyzing existing processes, carefully planning operational changes, and diligent effort to bring about those changes. The process has been likened to adding a room to your house: once the construction is completed you still must decorate, furnish, and equip the room. Similarly, reaping the value of an EHR requires customizing it to your own needs, adjusting practice workflow to make effective use of this marvelous tool and continuously looking for new ways to exploit its value in the future. EHR is not itself the end objective but merely a tool for improving practice efficiency and clinical quality over time.

The following road map outlines the stages of EHR adoption:

ACP’s Practice Management Center has assembled tools to assist College members at each stage in the adoption process. You may click on any of the stages in the roadmap to view the relevant tools for that stage. Or simply click on the first stage and follow the chain of resources to the end. Other tools will be added over time, so please revisit this page periodically.