Participant Instructions

Take the following steps to participate in Screening for Breast and Prostate Cancer:

  1. Visit to access the Cancer Screening Encounter Tool. Enter data for 25 patients for whom you are considering cancer screening (either breast cancer screening in females or PSA screening in males). Note: You can leave the encounter tool at any time; it will take you where you back to where you left off when you return.
  2. After entering data for 25 patient encounters, you will be emailed a Baseline Performance Report showing how you performed relative to four performance measures. You will be asked to assess your performance and establish goals for improvement by creating/submitting an Action Plan.
  3. Next, you will need to enter your Action Plan for improving your performance. Several resources will be provided help you improve.
  4. Next, implement your action plan and collect follow-up data with the Cancer Screening Encounter Tool.
  5. After entering follow-up data for 25 patient encounters, send an email to to request your Final Performance Report.
  6. Your Final Performance Report will show how you performed relative to goals that you established in your Action Plan as well as in comparison to your baseline data.
  7. The final step of the project is to visit the CME/MOC submission form at:

After we receive your CME/MOC submission and validate your participation, you will receive a CME certificate via email along with instructions for confirming receipt of your CME and/or MOC within your ACP CME transcript and ABIM MOC portal.