Internal Medicine Interest Group (IMIG) Activities

ACP is committed to the success of your Internal Medicine Interest Group. To support your IMIG, and to foster education and interest in the exciting field of Internal Medicine, ACP has developed some “ready to use” activities to simplify planning for engaging meetings. Each of these activities features a PowerPoint that promotes group discussion, along with a Leaders Guide to facilitate the meeting and discussion.

Please plan to use at least one of these activities during this year's club meetings.

Note that you must be an IMIG student leader or faculty advisor in order to access these resources.

Preparing for Your Internal Medicine Clerkship

The medicine clerkship is a central component of clinical medical education. As medical students, this is the first opportunity to apply what you are learning in the classroom. This activity provides an opportunity for students to prepare for and share their experience with clerkship.

Clinical Observation

Internal medicine emphasizes a thorough understanding of the science underlying the practice of medicine and the need to develop a comprehensive fund of knowledge of disease gained through study, observation, and experience in the care of patients, leading to a mastery of the complex interrelationships of science and disease. This activity is a fun way to test the observational skills of your group, and promote discussion on the importance of the physical exam.

Ethics and Professionalism

The physician's primary duty, is to the individual patient. We must advocate for the patient in a health care system that grows increasingly complex. The physician’s obligation is to recommend actions that are in the best interests of the patient. In this activity, we To review a series of six cases studies on medical ethics and professionalism, discuss challenging situations, and address the importance of professionalism in medicine.

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