Chile Chapter Laureate Award - Maria Eugenia Pinto, MD, FACP

ACP member since 1987

Maria Eugenia Pinto, MD, FACP

María Eugenia Pinto, MD, FACP practices academic medicine in Santiago, Chile. From 1998 to 2006 she was the director at the Postgraduate School in the Faculty of Medicine University of Chile. In 2006, she became a member of the Department of Medicine and chief of Clinical Laboratory at the Clinical Hospital University of Chile, where she is also the coordinator of the Internal Medicine Residency Program.

She was president of the Chilean Society of Infectious Diseases and in 2011 was recognized as Master in Infectious Diseases. Dr. Pinto became a fellow in the American College of Physicians in 1987 and was elected as chapter governor for the period 2008-2012 During this period she became member of the ACP International Council. She has served on the Advisory Council for many years as well serving as program chair for the annual meeting.