Central American Chapter Laureate Award - Jose Rogelio Mendez, MD, FACP

ACP member since 1990

Jose Rogelio Mendez, MD, FACP

Jose Rogelio Mendez, MD, is an internist and gastroenterologist who works as professor of Gastroenterology at the Department of Internal Medicine and Physiology at the University of Panama and is a member of the medical body at Centro Medico Paitilla and Consulturios Medicos Paitilla. He is a Member of the Ethics Committee of the Panamanian Association of Gastroenterology.

Dr. Mendez graduated from the Universidad Nacional de Panama in the Sigma Lambda Honor Society. He completed his residency in internal medicine at Wayne State University in Detroit and a Fellowship in Gastroenterology, Hepatic Diseases and Endoscopy at the Cleveland Clinic. He worked at Hospital Gorgas where he was recognized with a Certificate of Merit for his excellent performance. Dr. Mendez was President of the Panamanian Association of Gastroenterology and of the Central American Association of Gastroenterology, presiding over the Central American Congress of Gastroenterology in the year 2000.