Display Your ACP Pride!

Let your colleagues and patients know that you are proud of your affiliation with ACP. We’ve created ACP member logos for use on your letterhead, website, and email signature, which you can download below. Also included are instructions for adding a badge to your email signature and adding an ACP/I.M. Proud frame to your social media profiles.

Download a high resolution ACP member logo for your letterhead

Download a web-friendly ACP member logo for your website

Download an ACP member badge for your email signature

Additional images to add to your email signature

How to add a graphic to your email signature:

  1. Download the email badge using the link above and save it in your documents (i.e. My Pictures)
  2. Go to your email inbox
  3. Find your email settings:
    • Outlook: Click on File | Options | Mail | Signatures
    • Gmail: Click on the gear icon | Settings | Signature
  4. Click on the picture icon above the signature graphic space
  5. Browse for and select the email badge to add it to your signature

How to add an ACP/I.M. Proud frame to your social media profile picture:

  • On Facebook, click update on your profile picture, choose add frame, and search for IMProud.
  • On Twitter, click here.