Special Dues Rate Categories

ACP recognizes that members may have special circumstances that require a reduction in dues (i.e., hardship, disability, etc.).  If you feel you may qualify for one of these special categories, please complete the Dues Adjustment form. Members wishing to inquire about adjustments eligibility should contact us at (800) ACP-1915 (800-227-1915), direct at 215-351-2600, or email/online at www.acponline.org/contact.

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Couples Rate

ACP member couples have the option of waiving one set of print publications and receiving a dues reduction. This offer is only available to couples that pay full membership dues. The member whose subscription is waived will be billed the appropriate discounted rate. Members who take advantage of the couple's national dues discount will each be billed the full amount of chapter dues. The adjustment will be in effect on a permanent basis or until the couple notifies Member and Product Support that they are no longer a couple.

Joint Dues Discount

If you are a full dues paying member of ACP and one of the following organizations, you are eligible for a 10% discount off of the dues you owe to both organizations at renewal. The discount is automatic at your first renewal providing your dues were paid in full the previous year for both organizations. The discount with each organization will be highlighted on your dues notice.