Nonpayment of Dues

ACP begins sending dues invoices three months in advance of the new membership year, which begins on July 1. If dues remain unpaid on July 1, all benefits and discounts will be suspended. Print publications including subscriptions to Annals of Internal Medicine, ACP Internist, will be suspended 90-days later. Upon receipt of dues payment, benefits and subscriptions will be reactivated immediately. Members who remain unpaid may not apply for Fellowship. Fellows and Masters who are unpaid may not sponsor a potential Fellow or Member to the College.

A member who remains past due loses all privileges of membership and shall be dropped from the rolls of the College. Members who have not paid dues cannot purchase products or programs at the discounted member rate or participate in College competitions.  Masters and Fellows who are dropped from the membership rolls for nonpayment of dues are not permitted to use the initials MACP or FACP.

If one of a member couple is dropped because of nonpayment of dues, the dues for the other member will revert to the regular rate.

Dues Details