American College of Physicians Pledge

I affirm my belief in the mission
    of the American College of Physicians
To preserve and maintain
    the highest traditions and precepts
    of our professional calling
And I solemnly declare
    that I will conform to these ideals
    to the utmost of my ability

I therefore reaffirm my dedication
    to the practice of medicine
To act always in the best interests
    of my patients
To respect the reputation and integrity
    of my colleagues
To supplement my own judgment
    with the counsel of others
    when the occasion requires
To render assistance to my colleagues
    in every way
To extend my professional aid
    to the unfortunate
To increase my medical knowledge
    and understanding by continuing study
    by association with physicians
    of the highest intellectual and ethical standards
    and by the free exchange
    of information and experience
    with all of my medical colleagues

I hereby pledge to uphold
    the ethics of medicine as exemplified
    by the standards and traditions
    of this College