Making AI Trustworthy and Referenceable for Clinical Applications – A Commercial Use-case

The presenting company, RecoverX, is building “Referenceable AI” technology to:

  1. Enable AI that is trustworthy, controllable and referenceable, across the system
  2. Disseminate and strengthen evidence based medicine knowledge and guidelines
  3. Enable the medical profession to be in control of AI, not have AI get out of control

RecoverX’s products include:

  • Clinical Copilot: providing real-time, contextualized, and referenceable insights on potential diagnosis, treatments and next-best-actions for clinician consideration in workflow. Clinical Copilot also enables Generative AI, such as GPT and Claude, to be directed to utilize validated and referenced AI in a controllable, referenceable manner. 
  • Computational Evidence Platform: enabling evidence based content and guidelines to be made AI-enabled and referenceable for multiple use cases.

RecoverX is a healthcare AI and computational evidence company backed by Health2047, the American Medical Association’s ventures and innovation arm. Their mission is to help scale equitable, science-based care. 

Webinar Agenda:

  1. Introduction to RecoverX
  2. Demo of Clinical Copilot
  3. Overview of AI and Generative AI
  4. Discussion of opportunities and challenges of AI from a physician perspective


Challenges and Opportunities comments

Beta Test Opportunity:

If you are interested in trying out the Clinical Copilot product, RecoverX invites you to participate in their beta test and provide feedback. Please register at, using Program Code: ACP68