Speaker FAQ's - Greater Chicago Board Review

Technical Questions

What if I have changes to my presentation or presentation notes after the deadline?

You will be required to review your slides from March 4th - March 18th. Revisions to the material are requested by March 18, 2024. ACP will incorporate necessary updates and provide finalized presentations by April 29, 2024.  Should you encounter an update or error in your presentation after this date please notify your course director immediately.

You may add to the Notes section of your presentations until May 9, 2024. After May 9th, you will need to hand-carry any additional notes to the conference.

Are there specific things I need to avoid in my presentation?

Please do not mention commercial products or trade names in your presentation. Rather, please use generics whenever possible. If it is necessary to use a trade name, then those of several companies must be included and objectively addressed.

Refrain from making statements during your presentation such as "the boards will ask" or "this will be on the boards" as the ABIM provides the following guidelines regarding sharing exam content:

"ABIM exams and their content are strictly confidential and protected by federal copyright and trade secret laws. Candidates who obtain, review, copy, share, discuss, reproduce, adapt, disclose, transmit or study from ABIM exam content - before or after an exam - may be subject to ABIM disciplinary sanctions and legal action."

We encourage you to utilize presenter mode as you give the lecture.  In this mode, you will see the elapsed time from the beginning of your presentation and you'll know how much time you have left until the end.  The embedded questions also have answers that highlight the key points of the correct answer and review reasons for the incorrect answers. Important: please refrain from reading your slides. Instead, use the information on the slides to provide a clear, engaging talk that clarifies the correct answer and provides key test-taking tips.

Plan accordingly so that 5-10 minutes are available at the end of the presentation for questions from the audience.

Is my session going to be recorded or livestreamed?

All board review courses are recorded and live-streamed to a virtual audience. 

Will technical assistance be available onsite?

Yes, technical assistance will be available on-site.

General Questions

Do I have to register for the meeting as a faculty member?

Faculty will be pre-registered for the Board Review Course. There is nothing you need to do. You will also receive 6 months access to all course recordings.  A link will be provided to you at the end of the meeting.

Can I claim CME for this meeting?

Yes, you may claim CME for the sessions you attended as a learner only.  You'll be required to go through the survey for each of the 5 days, however, you may skip through faculty ratings that do not apply to the CME session you attended. At the end of the survey, you'll be provided with a MOC quiz.  After you have submitted the MOC quiz, you'll then be taken to the ACP CME claim page.  You must wait until noon on Friday, June 7th to submit the completed surveys.  The CME Claim page will be active until noon on Friday, June 7th, 2026.

How do I access the virtual platform?

  1. Sign in with the link provided to you by ACP via email 7 days prior to the course.
  2. You'll enter the livestream platform by using your email address to confirm your registration.

Should you have technical difficulties after the course begins, please use the chatbot on the platform for live assistance. 

Do meeting attendees receive handouts?

No handouts are provided for the Board Review Courses.  All participants receive an electronic syllabus and are encouraged to bring note taking supplies to the course.

Can I attend the meeting when I am not speaking?

Yes, and we encourage you to do so. Faculty receive complimentary standard registration to the Board Review Course which includes 6 months access to recorded sessions.  You may also claim CME for the sessions you attended as a learner.