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Rebecca A. Andrews, MD, FACP, ACP Governor

Rebecca A. Andrews, MD, FACP, ACP Governor


From the Governor

Communication - the human connection - is the key to personal and career success.”

Paul J. Meyer, January 2019

Dear Colleagues,

We are mid-summer and the heat is on! I hope many of you are finding time to relax with friends and family as well as find time for hobbies and outdoor enjoyment. We hopefully did our part in that this year with our first purely social and family gathering picnic in the southern part of the state. I hope many of you were able to participate and provide feedback.

For me, summer is a time I wait for all year. The kids are home, the days are long, and the weather is a relief from the New England winter. For those of you who know me personally, my life gets very busy during the school year with work, kids' activities (hockey, soccer, oboe, trumpet, piano), my travel for the board of governors, and of course family events. While I love the “busy-ness” of the year, summer is a reminder that “busy is not a badge of honor” and provides a moment to reset my priorities. With that in mind, I will head off for a week of no wi-fi and limited cellular service with two kids and a few national parks. I plan to use the time to reconnect without an electronic interface (something I long for at work as well) and enjoy the natural beauty of our country. These breaks from our day-to-day, whether 3 days or 7, offer a moment to take stock of life and take care of our own wellness – not just the health of others.



National Programs and News

New Webinars on Physician-Led Coaching: The Key to Success in Quality

ACP will be hosting weekly webinars in the month of July to showcase the new ACP Advance Physician-Led Coaching Service as a key to success in quality and value-based payment. ACP Advance is a comprehensive quality improvement (QI) program designed to engage and empower clinicians to achieve meaningful and sustained improvement in quality and patient outcomes.

The Physician-Led Coaching service provides peer-to-peer guidance, virtual coaching from physician experts, and implementation support to help organizations achieve success in quality improvement and high value care initiatives. ACP Advance coaches will engage physicians and clinical staff to help implement the initiatives that address the organization's unique challenges and help achieve their goals. Coaches will curate a package of ACP resources to address gaps in QI, change management, high value care, joy in practice, well-being, and patient and family engagement.

To sign up for ACP's “Physician-Led Coaching: the Key to Success in Quality” webinar, please click the links below:

Wednesday, July 31, 2019: 5:00 – 5:30 pm Eastern (4:00 pm Central) - Register here

For further information, please contact Michele Duchin-Watson, Associate, at or (202) 261-4529.

Medical Student Committee

As we transition into the new academic year, CTACP's newest student liaisons wanted to find a way to both engage their fellow students in volunteerism as well as promote student membership in CTACP and their internal medicine interest groups. A healthy competition was the answer with an event organized by the students at Yale, Quinnipiac and UConn to help raise donations for a charity of their choosing. Students of the three schools worked together to compile a wish list of donation items for their respective charities. Each school chose an organization that helps support their local community.


Quinnipiac: Emergency Shelter Management Services, New Haven


UConn: South Park Inn, Hartford


Yale: Columbus House, New Haven

Over the course of two weeks students collected items from their respective organizations' wish lists. At the end of the donation period, each school compiled a list of the collected items, blinded the source, and then sent it to our former governor Dr. Robert Nardino, MD, FACP to judge! Each school did such a great job that Dr. Nardino had a very difficult time deciding but ultimately School #3 was declared the winner, which was the University of Connecticut School of Medicine! At the end of the competition, each school got to donate their items to their chosen charity organization and a $100 donation collected from ACP council members was awarded to the winning school.

CTACP students look forward to planning more collaborative events throughout the school year, promoting interest in internal medicine as well as supporting our Connecticut communities.

The end of the academic year is exciting for many reasons, but our favorite is the honor of bestowing the ACP award to graduating seniors. Please congratulate this year's winners listed below.

  • Roshni Patel, MD; University of Connecticut School of Medicine
  • Jared Thomas, MD; Frank H. Netter M.D. School of Medicine at Quinnipiac University
  • Rebecca Fine, MD; Yale University School of Medicine



2019 Connecticut ACP Annual Meeting Update

Look for this year's meeting app! We will have a new addition to the festivities with an app that allows you to see the program, provide feedback, and hopefully add to your experience.



New Chapter Members – Last Six Months

Please join me in welcoming the following new members to our chapter:

Syed H. Abbas, MD Xiao-Ke Gao, MD Chidi Okoroafor
Medhat Abdelmessih, MD Patricia Garcia Hollis Onell-Meyer
Jennifer Abrams Mariana Garcia, MD Jean-Michel Oquet
Sandrine Irene Achoundong Kountchou Arun Gautam Okari Owate
Edin Adilovic, MD Robert Gionfriddo, DO Ginamarie Papia
Agura Afiari, MD Vanitha Gopal, MD Lovin Pappy, MD
Rami Ahmad, MBBS George Goshua, MD Selena Patel
Maryam Ahmed Kamika Gower-Allum, MD Iqra Patoli
Deborah Akanya, MD Alani Gregory, MD Melissa Peires-Hughes
Faisal Al Bahrani Valeria Grijalva Curtis Perry
Amritha Alapati Alec Guerzon Mubashir Pervez, MD
Ahmad Alharbi, MD Karthik Gunachelvan, MD Pratibha Phuyal
Amar Alkhotani Neil Gupta, MD Jose Pichardo
Ismail Almokyad, MBBCH Sonali Gupta, MD Emily Pinto Taylor, MD
Florymar Alvarez, MD Kelly M. Hager Kathleen Pressoir
Sasraku Amanor-Boadu Shanzay Haider, MD Zahra Qaiyumi
Jolanta Amblo, MD Carol Halasan, MD Mandeep Singh Rahi, MBBS, MD
Amulya Amirneni, MBBS, MD Steven Hardy Aashutosh Ramakar
Karan Amlani Lyndsay Hauser Akshatha Rao
Magdelene Amoateng Sloane Heller, MD Robyn Reese
Tulasi Annapureddy, MBBS Benjamin A. Howell, MD Mildred Rivera
Maria Antony Philip Ireland, MD Melanie Robinson, MD
Victor Arcega, MD Jeremy Jacox, MD Darve Robinson, MD
Nathaniel Bachtel Marla Jalbut, MD Sonali Rodrigues
Ju Young Bae Saad Bin Jamil, MBBS, MD Arnaldo Abraham Rodriguez
Joseph Bahgat Deepa Jansen, MD Camila Rodriguez Buljubasich
Isabel Balachandran, MD Shahab Jazayeri Marian Saba
Priyadarshini Balasubramanian, MD Ajantha Jesudasan, MD Alifaiz Saiyed, MD
Ela Banerjee Priyanka Jethwani, MBBS Waqas Salam
William Beliveau, MD Jacob J. Jones Mahta Salehi
Jemma Benson, MD Saurabh Joshi, MD Colby Salerno
Jan Bewersdorf, MD Talal Kaiser Matthew Sarubbi
Max Biondi, MD Kavitha Kalluri, MBBS Sidra Sarwar, MD
Jeffrey Bird, MD Nasreen Kathrada, MD Sajed A. Sarwar, MD
Christopher J. Boyle Marissa Keenan Christopher Schayer
Bryan Brown, MD Faraz Khan, MD Veronica Schmidt
Bruce Burnham, MD Hira Khan Adarsha Selvachandran
Valentine J. Burroughs, MD Muhammad Sheheryar Khan Aniket Sharma
Karen Cajiao Neelam Khetpal, MBBS MD Pete Shenoy, MD
Adi Carmi, MD Alina Kifayat, MD Anton Shimanovsky, MD
Brett A. Carroll, MD Alina Kluk Evgeny Shkolnik, PhD
Herbert Castillo Valladares Maryfrances Kokoska Prateek Shukla, MBBS
Simon A. Castro, MD James Koola, MD Komaldeep Singh
Agustina Cerana, MD Julia Kostka Alvinesh Singh
Maria Cerana, MD Sunil Kumar Sidhant Singh, MBBS
Abdelkader Chaar Sumit Kumar, MD Munit Singh, MD
Rishi Chadha Pirkash Kumar, MD Sanil Skaria, MBBS
Pavan Challa Manish Kumar, MD Yauheni Solad, MD
Arista S. Chand, MBBS Francis Kuttamperoor, MD Sara Soliman
Jungsoo Chang Young J. Kwak, MD Joongyu D. Song
Mariana Chang Trisha Kwarko Eric L. Soriano
Samir Chaudhry Yitzchok Lederman, MD Katherine Spiegel
Shehrose Chaudry Hwan Lee Jeremiah Stitham, MD, PhD
Ankit Chhoda, MBBS Russell Lewis, MD Anna Stransky
Nora Chokr, MD Ezra S. Lichtman Hanns Christoph Stretz, MD
Cindy Hsini Chu Kevin Liu Anusha Sundararajan
William Ciurylo Jamie Mahfood Aysha Tandon, MD
Emily Coleman Sanam Mahmoudzadeh Maryam Tanweer
Matthew Colna, MD Tanya Majumder, MD Jianling Tao
Derek Corporon Ali Malik Shrija Thapa
Penelope Amanda Cote Rajiv Mallipudi, MD Jared Thomas
Katelyn Crowley Miguel A. Mantilla, MD Andrew Thorp, MD
Usman Dar Rusudan Matcharashvili Soumya Thumma, MD
Laura Dellalana Sarah Mattessich Kristin M. Torre
Samir Dengle, MD Claire McCutcheon, MD Jessica Tuan, MD
Pankil Desai Mieses Fabiola, MD Vruksha Upadhyay
Jessica R. Deslauriers Fernanda Miletto, MD Sarah Urbut
Krista Dionne Angela Mirabella Theodora Vamvouris, MD
Sylvester Dorobisz Mohammadhassan Mirbolouk, MD Armando Vera
Dimitrios Drekolias, MD Mojtaba Mirzaei, MD David Vermette, MD
Christopher D’Souza, MD Mrinalini Modak, MD Jaimy Villavicencio, MD
Nha Duong, DO Neil K. Mohindra Niurka J. Visconti, DO
Mehreen Elahee Haritha Mopuru Rebecca J. Vitale
Shabnam Elahi Armenia Mordan, MD Andrew Wakeman
Ismail Elkhattib, MBBS Jared Moreines Di Wu, MD
Ahmed Elshafie, MBBCH, MD Kaylan Mucci, MD Alexander Yang
Ahmed Eltanbedawi Mian Munir Yuan Ying, MD
Thomas Erwes Julieta M. Munoz Mejia, MBBS Beverly Yu
Muhammad Farooq Christine Najjar, MD Alp Yurter
Sana Fatima Syed Naqvi Adnan A. Zaidi
Michael Foti Usama Bin Nasir, MBBS, MD Vadim Zaytsev, MD
David Fraulino, DO Christine Niedbala Xuechun Zhao
Isaac Freedman Roozbeh Nikooie, MD Chanjuan Zhong
Anita Gade Peggy O’Connor Bushra Zia, MD
Sowmya M. Gadey, DO Camila Odio, MD  
Pavan Ganapathiraju, DO Lisa O’Donovan  



New Fellows – Last Six Months

Congratulations to our chapter members newly elected to ACP Fellowship:

Kevin M. Baran, MD, FACP
Benjamin M. Cherry, MD, FACP
William M. Delaney, MD, FACP
Jeanine S. Famiglietti, MD, FACP
Cynthia R. Feher, MD, FACP
Serafima M. Glouzgal, MD, FACP
Adam B. Gorelick, MD, FACP
Peter N. Herbert, MD, FACP
Karl L. Insogna, MD, FACP
Tzivia Moreen, MD, FACP
Maheshkumar I. Patel, MBBS, FACP
Mohammed Qureshi, MD, FACP
William G. Rabitaille, MD, FACP
Aleksandra Rosinski, MD, FACP
Mary J. Scheimann, MD, FACP



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