Mary Bieter All-Stars Awards Program

The Mary Bieter All-Stars Award Program recognizes chapter-initiated programs that have contributed to the strength and breadth of ACP and its chapter. This program occurs every decade to highlight exceptional programming that has supporting and adapted to the Internal Medicine landscape in the United States and around the world. For the first time in 30 years, ACP brings these nominations to you. You have the power to decide which programs deserve recognition for outstanding achievements.

Please review the posters below and use the polling feature to choose the 3 chapter programs that you believe are deserving of a Mary Bieter All-Star Award. The Chapters Subcommittee will choose a winner in April 2023.  
When submitting a poster, we ask chapters to consider the following criteria:  
Program Objective:
Did the poster describe the purpose and goals of the original program? How did the program impact the intended audience, the chapter, and ACP (if applicable)? Are the objectives still in line with ACP's mission? How did the chapter measure the success of the program?  
Innovation and Sustainability:
How was the program sustained for at least 3 years?  How did the program change over time to adapt to a changing environment? Explain how the chapter improved processes, methods, and/or systems in the existing program. What are some lessons learned?  
Thought Leadership:
How did the chapter champion the program? How did the program contribute to building a professional home for internists? Has it been replicated by other chapters OR what has the chapter done to encourage replication? 

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