September 9, 2022

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Advocacy Wins

ACP: Passage of Inflation Reduction Act Improves Access to Health Care Services, Treatments

Legislation includes provisions extending ACA subsidies, capping insulin prices for Medicare beneficiaries, allowing Medicaid to negotiate drug prices, investments to combat climate change.

ACP Policy News

ACP Makes Recommendations for Improving Long-Term Services and Support Sector

In position paper, ACP recommends multipronged public-private sector approach for reforming LTSS financing, addressing workforce shortages, adopting plans to ensure quality and safety.

ACP and the AMA

ACP Supports New AMA Recovery Plan for America's Physicians

During June meeting, AMA House of Delegates presented recovery plan and adopted resolutions on reproductive health services, ‘ghost guns,’ medical disinformation.

Quick Hits

ACP Launches a New Identity Campaign Celebrating the Depth and Diversity of Internal Medicine Physicians

ACP has launched a new multi-year identity campaign designed to educate about the breadth, depth, and diversity of the Internal Medicine profession, and underscore the vital role of Internal Medicine physicians and the value they bring to health care.

This new initiative was informed by research conducted through surveys, focus groups and in-depth interviews with internal medicine physicians, other health care leaders, and consumers. It will emphasize that internal medicine physicians are:

  • Experts in complexity
  • Brilliant connectors for our patients and health care systems using our knowledge and expertise
  • The foundation of adult clinical care
  • Vital to both patients and other medical professionals
  • Leaders in design and structure of the evolution of health care across the globe

Over the coming months, digital advertising and articles demonstrating the leadership, impact, and value that internal medicine physicians bring to many diverse roles and settings will appear in ACP publications, various media outlets and social media platforms. Visit our website to stay up to date, and to follow ACP on social media to engage in the conversation.

Performance Measure Reviews on Cancer Screening Now Available

ACP's Performance Measurement Committee's (PMC) recent review of cancer screening measures are now available at ACP online.

The reviews by the PMC Committee reflect an updated assessment of cancer screening measures relevant to internal medicine physicians using a modified RAND-UCLA appropriateness method to determine whether these measures are evidence-based, methodologically sound, and clinically meaningful. Measure reviews entail a thorough assessment of each performance measure based on five criteria1:

  • Importance – Will this measure lead to improved clinical outcomes? Does this measure address a high-impact condition? Is there an opportunity for improvement in performance?
  • Appropriate Care – Does this measure address timely appropriate care?
  • Evidence base – Is this measure supported by clinical evidence?
  • Specifications – Is the measure clear, well-specified, and tested?
  • Feasibility/Applicability – Is the measure under the physician's control? Will this measure provide information for the physician to improve care? Is there a reporting burden associated with the measure?

More information about ACP's work on Performance Measures is available here.

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In case you missed it

Apply Now for ACP's 2023 Health Policy Internship

ACP's annual Health Policy Internship provides an opportunity for medical students and residents to learn about the legislative process, health policy, and advocacy in organized medicine. Interns will provide assistance with researching and analyzing current issues in health and medical education policy, assist with on-going advocacy initiatives, and the development of advocacy materials. The 2023 internship will take place from May 1 to May 26 in ACP's Washington office. Applications must be submitted by Oct. 31.

Additional information and application instructions are available on ACP's website.


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