November 4, 2022

ACP Advocate

ACP Policy News

New ACP Position Paper Addresses Environmental Health

ACP calls for comprehensive action to achieve environmental justice by addressing air pollution, ensuring safe drinking water, and protecting the public from harmful substances.

Advocacy in Action

ACA Sees Record Enrollment, Gets Much-Needed Improvements

With the start of open enrollment for 2023 this week, ACP offers resources for members to help their patients navigate the ACA Marketplace enrollment process.

Regulatory News

ACP Continues Advocacy in Health Equity and Nondiscrimination

In letters to NASEM, HHS, ACP makes recommendations for addressing federal policies that contribute to health inequities, comments on proposed rule regarding nondiscrimination in federal health programs.

Quick Hit

Help your patients enroll in health insurance

Open enrollment for health insurance on the ACA federal marketplace started on Nov. 1. Learn more about information you share with your patients to help them enroll in coverage for 2023. Check out ACP's resources about plans on the ACA health insurance marketplaces. On our site you will also find information to help your patients enroll or renew their current Medicaid insurance plan; help them find out about their current eligibility to receive their Medicaid insurance and to minimize the loss of coverage. Visit the ACP website for complete information.


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