May 6, 2022

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ACP Policy News

New ACP Policy Paper Provides Recommendations for More Effective Collaboration Between Primary Care Specialists, Specialty Physicians

Paper aligns with the proposed ACP model of care, which includes principles for ensuring meaningful collaboration between multiple clinicians.

Advocacy in Action

New ACP Leadership Encourages Physicians to Provide Expertise to Legislators to Advocate for Health Care Issues

Dr. Ryan D. Mire, new ACP president, and Dr. Sue S. Bornstein, new chair of the Board of Regents, stress that physicians are the experts in health care-related discussions.

Administration News

ACP Backs Biden's Efforts to Get Ghost Guns Off the Street

U.S. Department of Justice issued a final rule in early April to ban manufacturing of ghost guns.

Quick Links

How Codes Are Valued at the RUC

Do you wonder how the Relative Value Scale (RVS) Update Committee (RUC) assigns RVUs and values the codes you use? Join us for our next information webinar!

ACP's Coding and Payment Policy (CPP) committee is hosting a series of webinars for the ACP’ members to demystify how payment values are set and who determines them. The next webinar, presented by Dr. Scott Manaker, Ph.D., MACP, will discuss how codes are valued at the RUC and what components impact their determination. This webinar is scheduled to take place on May 19, 2022, from 8:00 PM-8:45 p.m. ET. As part of the registration process, please submit any questions to be answered during our live Q&A session.

Online registration is available here.


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