May 3, 2024

ACP Advocate

Advocacy Wins

FTC Approves Final Rule Banning Noncompete Clauses

The commission estimates that banning noncompete clauses will lower health care costs by up to $194 billion in the next 10 years.

Advocacy in Action

New ACP Leadership Shares Dedication to Strengthening the Voice of Physicians

Dr. Isaac O. Opole, new ACP president, and Dr. William E. Fox, new chair of the ACP Board of Regents, both credit involvement in ACP for their professional success.

ACP Advocates for Safe and Equitable Voting Access, Health-Related Ballot Measures

During press briefing at the Internal Medicine Meeting 2024, ACP representatives discussed safe and equitable access to voting and ACP federal advocacy priorities.

In Case You Missed It

Advocacy News from ACP

Joint Letter Opposing Legislation Barring DEI Programs in Medical Schools
Joint letter opposing legislation that would restrict federal funding for medical schools with DEI programs. The letter emphasizes the vital role DEI efforts have in addressing healthcare disparities, improving outcomes for marginalized communities, and fostering a diverse physician workforce.

Joint Letter of Support for S. B. 561, Improving Prior Authorization Processes in Healthcare
Letter from ACP and ACP's New Hampshire chapter in support of legislation that would work to ease the burden of prior authorization on physicians and patients. The bill would improve timeliness and transparency in responding to prior authorization requests.


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