May 19, 2023

ACP Advocate

Congressional news and perspective

ACP Rallies for Legislation That Will Improve Access to Care and Strengthen Physician Workforce

Ahead of its annual Leadership Day, ACP lists its top priorities for advocacy with congressional leaders.

Quick Hit

Action Alert: Ask your Legislators to Expand Physician Workforce, Improve Patient Access, Promote Health Equity, and Reduce Health Burden.

ACP is calling on members to urge lawmakers to take action and pass several important bills that will help to improve access to care for patients and strengthen the physician workforce.

Visit ACP's Legislative Action Center to learn more and to take action.

Advocacy in Action

New ACP Leadership Looks to Build on ACP Policy to Promote Care Without Exclusion, Enhance Patient-Physician Relationship

Dr. Omar Atiq, new ACP president, and Dr. Eileen D. Barrett, new chair of the ACP Board of Regents, share a commitment to improving ‘health care for all’.

ACP Advocates Against Restrictions on Gender-Affirming Care

As state laws put limits on gender-affirming care, ACP argues that widely accepted guidelines support providing this care for those with gender dysphoria.


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