March 10, 2023

ACP Advocate

Advocacy in Action

ACP Commits to Combatting Medical Misinformation and Disinformation

Recently joined The Coalition for Trust in Health & Science includes 50 medical organizations with the aim of enhancing the public's trust in the health and medical system.

ACP Policy news

ACP Calls for Policies to Protect Patient Access to Reproductive Health Care Services in Post-Dobbs World

In updated policy paper, ACP builds on existing policies related to reproductive health care services and protecting patient access to care.

ACP Regulatory News

Proposed Medicare Advantage and Part D Changes Aim to Improve Prior Authorization Process, Health Equity

ACP supports many of the proposed changes for 2024, says they will improve beneficiary protections, boost access to care and promote health equity.

Quick Hit

Action Alert: Tell the FTC How Non-Compete Clauses Harm Health Care

ACP has commented on a proposed regulation from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) banning non-compete clauses in some employment contracts, including those that prevent doctors from working for nearby competitors. ACP also is urging members to submit their own comments on the proposed rule.

Visit ACP's Legislative Action Center to learn more and to take action. A sample letter has been provided for your convenience that can be submitted electronically through our grassroots platform. The deadline to submit comments on the proposed regulation is March 20.


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