July 17, 2020

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ACP Leadership Day Goes Virtual: Here's What to Know

Virtual Advocacy Toolkit provides guidance for lobbying legislators on key advocacy issues.

Advocacy wins

Recent Supreme Court Decisions Provide Wins for Health Care

ACP supports recent SCOTUS decisions on LGBTQ rights, the DACA program and Reproductive Health Care.

ACP Policy News

New ACP Policy Supports Wearing of Masks to Reduce Transmission of COVID-19

This week ACP released a new policy to support the wearing of masks by the public in community settings, and said it may appropriately be required by public officials. The policy recommends that a comprehensive public health strategy should also incorporate physical distancing, education about appropriate mask use (e.g., types of face coverings, application, safe use, and disposal), promotion of preventive hygiene protocols, and widespread diagnostic testing and contact tracing, and consider local demographics, epidemiologic data, and exposure context. The policy can be found on ACP's website: Wearing Masks in Community Settings.

Quick Hits

Submit a Hardship Exemption for Relief from MIPS Payment Penalties for 2020

CMS has announced that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they will grant broad relief from MIPS payment penalties for the 2020 performance year. ACP has been advocating for this type of relief. In order to qualify, eligible clinicians will need to submit an applications. More details can be found on the ACP website.


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