July 16, 2021

ACP Advocate

Advocacy in Action

US Supreme Court Votes to Sustain the Affordable Care Act

ACP signed onto a friend-of-the-court brief urging the Supreme Court to uphold the ACA and detailing the harm that would come from overturning the law

ACP, Others Form Coalition That Aims to Advocate for Primary Care Needs in America

ACP is one of 13 organizations that comprise Primary Care for America, a new coalition focused on demonstrating the value of primary care and need for investment

ACP and the AMA

AMA, ACP Take on Systemic Racism in Medicine

During the AMA House of Delegates meeting, guidelines adopted to address systemic racism in health care, which align with ACP positions

In Case You Missed It

Why ACP Engages in Politics, Without Being Partisan

In a perspective piece for the July/August issue of the ACP Internist ACP's Senior Vice President for Governmental Affairs and Public Policy, Bob Doherty explains how ACP's advocacy work guides and influences governmental policy for the betterment of patients, the public, and physicians without engaging in partisan politics. Read the full piece on the ACP Internist website.

Advocacy Support Available for Chapters

New online guidance is available about the different types of support that ACP's national office can provide for state chapters engaging in advocacy on state-level legislation and regulations. The guidance also includes a questionnaire for chapters who are seeking individualized support. Learn more online.


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