December 18, 2020

ACP Advocate

Administration News

ACP Suggests Health Care To-Do List for Biden-Harris Transition Team

Suggested priorities include funding for COVID-19 response, improvements to the ACA, access to care for women and measures to end disparities in health care.

ACP Regulatory News

Final 2021 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Released

ACP continues its work to protect the beneficial changes in the 2021 fee schedule, urges Congress to waive budget neutrality.

Quick Hits

New Compendium of Behavioral Health Integration Resources for Physician Practices Now Available

As part of the work of the Behavioral Health Integration Collaborative, ACP along with six other leading medical associations, recently released the Behavioral Health Integration (BHI) Compendium– a new tool that provides physicians a proven pathway for delivering integrated behavioral care in their practices. There are many steps required to integrate behavioral health into a physician practice and the BHI Compendium offers detailed information about how to facilitate the integration process.

The Compendium is available on the AMA website, along with additional resources from the Behavioral Health Integration Collaborative. Those resources include a series of webinars all about “Overcoming Obstacles of BHI.


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