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2013 Archives

ACP Advocate Newsletter


2013 Archives


  • Medicare: Payments and New Requirements for 2014
    (December 20, 2013)
    • In this issue:
      An update on legislation in Congress to fix the Medicare payment problems caused by the SGR formula; new fee schedule, effective Jan 1, contains new quality reporting requirements that physicians will need to comply with in order to avoid payment penalties; new "Prescription Drug Abuse" paper published in Annals
  • The Latest on the Health Insurance Exchanges
    (December 6, 2013)
    • In this issue:
      Progress shown in the operation of the health insurance exchanges, but work still needed; Majority of participants in new study think that our health care system needs a fundamental overhaul
  • A New Proposal for Medicare Payments
    (November 22, 2013)
    • In this issue:
      Details on a new legislative framework released by Congress regarding Medicare Payments and the SGR; New Health Affair's study released on how our aging population could increase the demand for subspecialist care and the effect that may have on providing primary care; New report calling for patient-centered medical homes (PCMH) to incorporate a "medical neighborhood"
  • The Year-End Push for a Medicare Payment Fix
    (November 8, 2013)
    • In this issue:
      ACP asks Congress to work to resolve looming SGR and sequestration cuts; An update on the Affordable Care Act rollout; Why health care co-ops were created, what they are meant to do and challenges that they face
  • The Shutdown Ends and the Insurance Marketplace Rollout Begins
    (October 25, 2013)
    • In this issue:
      Congress passes legislation to re-open the federal government and extend debt ceiling; Problems with the federal exchange website, physicians are most satisfied when they're able to deliver high-quality care to their patients
  • The Latest on the Government Shutdown and Health Care
    (October 11, 2013)
    • In this issue:
      How the federal government shutdown and upcoming battle over the debt ceiling are affecting health care-related government functions; ACP, in comment letter to HHS, believes physicians and other health care professionals need more time before they must begin reporting on the next stage of Meaningful Use measures; Changes to HIPAA update the regulations to better protect patient privacy in light of technological advances that have been made since the law was enacted
  • What will Congress do on health care this fall?
    (September 13, 2013)
    • In this issue:
      Congressional Bickering Could Affect Outcome of Health Care Issues This Fall; As Health Reform Rolls Out, Some Provisions are Delayed, Others Tweaked; Unraveling the Confusion Over Insurance Rates
  • What's Happening with Medicare Payments?
    (August 16, 2013)
    • In this issue:
      Bill to Repeal the SGR Moves Forward in Congress; Medicare Fee Proposal Breaks New Ground
  • Health Care and the Immigration Debate; ACO and Referrals
    (July 19, 2013)
    • In this issue:
      Health Care and the Debate on Immigration Policy; Internal Medicine Subspecialist's Concerned ACOs are Routing Away Their Patients; Impact of the Delay in one of the Affordable Care Act Provisions
  • New ACP Tool Offers New Way to Regulatory Changes and Deadlines
    (June 28, 2013)
    • In this issue:
      New ACP Physician and Practice Timeline; Senate and House Solutions to the Medicare Payment Dilemma; Patient Protection in a Dispute Between Hospitals and Medicare; Taking a Look Back at the Supreme Court's Ruling on the Affordable Care Act
  • ACP Members Head to Capitol Hill for Leadership Day
    (June 7, 2013)
    • In this issue:
      Highlights from ACP's Annual Leadership Day; This Year's Recipient of the Richard Neubauer Advocate for Internal Medicine Award; New Smoking Cessation Campaign from the CDC; Dramatic Slowing of the Rate of Increase in Health Care Spending
  • What ACP told Congress about Medicare Payments
    (May 17, 2013)
    • In this issue:
      ACP Leaders Finds Reason for Optimism About Repeal of the SGR; Slowing of Medicare Cost Increases May Put Cost-Cutting Board on the Shelf; Government Fine-Tunes System for Expanding Coverage to the Uninsured
  • ACP's New Leaders on Advocacy
    (May 3, 2013)
    • In this issue:
      New ACP Leaders Target Expanding Medicaid and Replacing the SGR; President's Call for Entitlement Cuts Raises Some Concern; ACP Calls Inaction by Congress on Gun Violence Unacceptable
  • A New Redesign for our Advocacy Website
    (April 4, 2013)
    • In this issue:
      A New Website Design Puts Advocacy Information at Your Fingertips; New Program Promotes Specialists' Involvement in Medical Home Practices; Electronic Records Aren't Finding Favor Among Some Physicians
  • How Will the Sequester Affect Medicare Payments?
    (March 22, 2013)
    • In this issue:
      Sequestration Cuts Will Bring Reduction in Medicare Reimbursements; Comission Recommends Transitioning From Fee-for-Service Physician Payments; Plan to Raise Medicaid Payments to Medicare Level Moves Ahead, but at Snail's Pace
  • Updated Guide for Physicians on the Affordable Care Act
    (March 8, 2013)
    • In this issue:
      Revised ACP Guide Reflects Changes to Affordable Care Act; GOP Congressmen Join Effort to Change Medicare Payment System; Federal Government Sets Insurance Standards for Core Benefits
  • ACP on the State of the Nation's Health Care
    (February 22, 2013)
    • In this issue:
      ACP Puts Forth Two-Pronged Approach for Fixing U.S. Health Care Woes; Congress Gets New Bill to Repeal the Medicare Payment Formula; President's State of the Union Address Notes a Need for Entitlement Reforms
  • ACP Calls for Changes to GME; New Studies on EHRs and the PCMH
    (January 25, 2013)
    • In this issue:
      ACP Urges Changes in Graduate Medical Education; New Study Looks at Why Electronic Health Records Fall Short on Cost Savings; Might Team-Based Medicine Eliminate the Primary Care Shortage?
  • Medicare Payments in 2013; What is Your State Doing About Medicaid Expansion?
    (January 11, 2013)
    • In this issue:
      Physicians Escape Medicare Rate Cuts as Part of 'Fiscal Cliff' Deal; ACP Helps State Chapters Push to Expand the Reach of Medicaid; What Treatments Work Best?


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