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2011 Archives

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2011 Archives


  • The Latest on Medicare Payments
    (December 16, 2011)
    • In this issue:
      No Resolution Yet for Looming Cut in Medicare Reimbursements; ACP Urgest Doctors to Get Schooled on eRx and PCIP; Government Sweetens the Deal on Electronic Health Records
  • What will the super committee failure mean for health care?
    (December 2, 2011)
    • In this issue:
      Super Committee Failure Leaves Physicians and Health Care Programs in the Lurch; Once Again, Physicians Face Prospect of Major Medicare Cuts; Fate of Health Care Reform Law Now Rests With Supreme Court
  • CMS Announces Final ACO Rule
    (November 4, 2011)
    • In this issue:
      New Accountable Care Guidelines Reflect ACP Concerns; Medicare Set to Test New Model for Primary Care; Federal Government Steps Away from Long-Term Care Program
  • Health IT & Privacy: A New Paper From ACP
    (October 21, 2011)
    • In this issue:
      ACP Suggests Ways to Maintain Patient Privacy in Techno Era; Above All Else, Make Premiums Affordable, New Report Says; States Slowly Moving to Establish Insurance Exchanges
  • MedPAC Proposes Fixing the SGR
    (October 7, 2011)
    • In this issue:
      ACP Voices Objections to MedPAC Plan to Change Physician Pay System; ACP Updates Internist's Guide to Affordable Care Act; Young Adults Becoming More Common on Health Insurance Rolls
  • What ACP had to say to the Super Committee
    (September 23, 2011)
    • In this issue:
      ACP Recommends Cornucopia of Budget Cuts to "Super Committee"; Penalties Loom for Those Not E-Prescribing; Study Puts Rising Health Care Costs in Perspective
  • New College Policy Paper on GME; ACP Comments on Proposed Fee Schedule
    (September 9, 2011)
    • In this issue:
      ACP Wants Government to Consider Primary Care Shortage in GME Funding Debate; ACP Seeks Changes in New Medicare Fee Schedule; Quality Care at Low Cost? Not in the US, New Report Finds
  • Debt-ceiling Resolution Implications and Medical Home Builder Expansion and Update
    (August 19, 2011)
    • In this issue:
      For Health Care, Federal Budget Talks Raise Risks; ACP Expands and Updates Medical Home Builder
  • The AMA reaffirms support for insurance requirement and the latest on the debt ceiling
    (July 15, 2011)
    • In this Issue:
      AMA Maintains Stance that All Americans Are Responsible for Getting Health Insurance; Efforts Underway to Target Patients Unlikely to Follow Doctor's Orders
  • The Latest on ACOs, eRx, and Pre-Existing Insurance Plans
    (June 17, 2011)
    • In this Issue:
      Medicare Urged to Adjust Its Accountable Care Program; E-Prescribing Rules may Be Eased Some; Government to Cut Premiums for Coverage of People With Pre-Existing Conditions
  • ACP's Leadership on Capitol Hill
    (June 3, 2011)
    • In this Issue:
      Physicians Talk Health Care Priorities With U.S. Lawmakers; Dr. Mark Mayer named ACP's Key Contact of the Year; ACP and Carter Center Collaborate to Reinvigorate Primary Care
  • What should be done about the SGR?
    (May 20, 2011)
    • In this Issue:
      Might the Sustainable Growth Rate Be on Its Last Legs?; Primary Care Bonus Payments Start Small But Should Grow, ACP Says; No States Opt for New Medicaid Health Home Program; ACP Supports Legislation Targeting Safety of Indoor Tanning
  • CMS Releases Proposal for Accountable Care Organizations
    (May 6, 2011)
    • In this Issue:
      Federal Proposal on ACOs May Limit Some Internists' Participation; Initiative Aims to Minimize Preventable Patient Injuries; Do High-Deductible Health Plans Ensure Adequate Care?
  • New policy papers on immigrant health care & Medicaid reform
    (April 22, 2011)
    • In this Issue:
      ACP Calls for New Federal Stance on Immigrants' Health Care; ACP Suggests Reforming Medicaid in a Way That's Equitable for Physicians and Patients; New Reports Share Ideas, Experiences on Patient-Centered Medical Homes
  • What did MedPAC tell Congress about Medicare payments?
    (April 1, 2011)
    • In this Issue:
      Medicare Commission Suggests a 1 Percent Increase in Physician Fees; Monitoring the Monitors of Patient-Centered Medical Homes; Study Forecasts Problems for Primary Care in Keeping Up With Medicaid Growth
  • Are you ready for ICD-10?; and, staffing changes in Washington
    (March 18, 2011)
    • In this Issue:
      States Gain Presidential Nod to Flexibility in Health Care Reform; Major Change Nears in Coding Procedures; ACP Names New Director of Regulator Affairs
  • Health Care and You: A new resource
    (March 4, 2011)
    • In this Issue:
      New Web Site Aims to Untangle Health Care Law; New Presidential Budget Gets Mixed Review From ACP; Malpractice Reform Moves Forward on Capitol Hill
  • Challenges facing the Affordable Care Act and News on the PCMH
    (February 18, 2011)
    • In this Issue:
      Attempts to Repeal Health Reform Hit a Wall, But Don't Go Away; Affordable Care Act Faces Legal Challenges, Too; New Standards Put More Focus on Patients for PCMH Accreditation
  • Report from ACP: The State of the Nation's Health Care
    (February 4, 2011)
    • In this Issue:
      ACP Urges Americans to Pull Together to Move Health Care Forward; Calling for a Rational Discussion of Health Care Resources; 'Fix What Needs Fixing and Move Forward," Obama Says of Health Reform
  • House votes to repeal health care reform. What's next?
    (January 21, 2011)
    • In this Issue:
      Vote to Repeal Health Reform Marks Start of Piecemeal Attack on the Law; Delaying Electronic Prescribing Could Prove Costly; Worksite Wellness Gets a Boost From Health Reform
  • What's new with Medicare? and 112th Congress Convenes
    (January 7, 2011)
    • In this Issue:
      New Year Brings Changes to Medicare; Physicians Increase Their Ranks in Congress; National Health Service Corps Gets a Boost


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