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Deadlines for Submissions


Annals of Internal Medicine

Issue Date
May 1st* April 6th
May 15th* April 20th
June 5th May 11th
June 19th* May 25th
July 3rd June 8th
July 17th June 22nd
August 7th July 6th
August 21st July 20th
September 4th* August 10th
September 18th August 24th
October 2nd* September 7th
October 16th* - Career Guide issue September 21st
November 6th October 12th
November 20th October 26th
December 4th November 9th
December 18th November 26th

ACP Hospitalist

Issue Date
May* April 12th
June* May 10th
July June 6th
August* July 12th
September* August 9th
October* - Career Guide issue September 11th
November* October 11th
December* November 6th

ACP Internist

Issue Date
May* April 3rd
June* May 7th
July/August* June 5th
September* August 6th
October* - Career Guide issue September 5th
November/December October 5th

*Bonus Distribution:

Annals of Internal Medicine
ACP Hospitalist Issue
ACP Internist Issue
Pri-Med Southwest May 1 Apr. Apr.
Pri-Med West May 15 May May
American Thoracic Society May 15 Apr. Apr.
Digestive Disease Week May 15 May May
American Society of Clinical Oncology May 15 May May
American Diabetes Association Jun. 19 Jun. Jun.
Pri-Med East Sep. 3 Aug. July/Aug
Infectious Diseases Society of America Oct. 2 Sep. Sep.
Pri-Med Midwest Oct. 2 Sep. Sep.
American Society of Nephrology Oct. 17 Oct. Oct.
American College of Rheumatology Oct. 17 Oct. Oct.

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