Resolution 5-S16. Advocating Against "Cold Call" Pharmaceutical Retailing

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(Sponsor: New York Chapter)

WHEREAS, the practice of "cold call" retailing of prescription topical agents and other therapeutic treatment (such as back braces, TENS, compounded formulations, etc.) is on the rise; and

WHEREAS, the calls are typically made to Medicare subscribers whose names are perceived as likely targets by age and perhaps location; and

WHEREAS, these older adult "targets" are often being convinced by salespeople, not medical professionals, that they need one or more topical ointments, typically touted to treat A. pain (combinations of NSAIDS, glucosamine, capsaicin, etc.), B. itchy skin (steroids, analgesic balms, emollients, etc.), C. fungal infections (ketoconazole, steroids, emollients, etc.) or other therapeutic treatments; and

WHEREAS, the target is told that there is no cost to them and that by providing their doctor's name, the physician may be contacted to sign for the order so the medication can be sent directly to them; and

WHEREAS, physicians are only contacted after these discussions take place by a faxed request for a completed medication order form; therefore be it

RESOLVED, that the Board of Regents advocates against the practice of "cold call" pharmaceutical retailing for the welfare and safety of patients who are being targeted, to maintain the integrity of the doctor-patient relationship, and to reduce unnecessary costs.