ACP in the News Archive - 2015

December 2015

12/21/2015 Year in Review: Primary Care - MedPage Today
12/21/2015 Are "concierge" practices good for patients? -
12/17/2015 Early Detection of Ovarian Cancer May Become Possibley - The New York Times
12/17/2015 It's Time To Rethink Gun Policy - MedPage Today
12/15/2015 Do voters have the right to know presidential candidates' health histories? - CNN
12/11/2015 In a women's bathroom, doctor learns lesson in creativity - WHYY
12/9/2015 From Doctors and Lawyers: 'A Call to Action' on Guns - New York Times
12/8/2015 The New Boundaries Between Doctors and Patients - The Wall Street Journal

November 2015

11/30/2015 End Of Medicare Bonuses Will Cut Pay To Primary Care Doctors - NPR
11/24/2015 Docs, and patients, should remember to use generics - Reuters
11/24/2015 Are doctors prescribing generic drugs often enough? This group says no. - Washington Post
11/10/2015 ACP: Consider Low-Income Patients With Direct Pay - MedPage Today
11/9/2015 Blood Pressure Guidelines Are Far Too High, Experts Say - TIME Magazine

October 2015

10/30/2015 The 'Mall-ification' of Medical Care - New York Times
10/29/2015 Doc Groups Generally Positive on House Budget Deal - MedPage Today
10/27/2015 Beware of high-deductible plans on Obamacare exchanges - they could make you sick -
10/22/2015 5 Myths Even Doctors Believe - Health Magazine
10/16/2015 ACP: Retail Clinics Need Scope of Practice Limits - MedPage Today
10/15/2015 There's No Evidence You Need an Annual Physical: Study - TIME Magazine
10/14/2015 4 essential elements of a healthy doctor-patient relationship - Fox News
10/13/2015 Retail health clinics should be backup to regular MDs, U.S. doctors say - Reuters
10/13/2015 Do you really need that pelvic exam? - Washington Post
10/6/2015 Overtesting Of Employees Can Be A Side Effect Of Workplace Wellness - NPR
10/5/2015 Benefits of workplace wellness programs questioned - USA Today
10/2/2015 Mass shootings and the mental health connection - CBS News

September 2015

9/29/2015 Don't get drunk: advice college kids may not get from docs - Associated Press
9/29/2015 Physician-assisted suicide is not the answer - The Washington Post
9/29/2015 New Guidelines For Evaluation Of Pulmonary Emboli Released By American College Of Physicians - Forbes
9/29/2015 ACP Guideline Calls for Smarter Testing in PE Evaluation - MedPage Today
9/18/2015 ACP to Jerry Brown: Veto Physician-Assisted Suicide Bill - MedPage Today
9/10/2015 The Promise Of Telehealth: States Push For Insurance Coverage As Support For Virtual Healthcare Services Swells - International Business Times
9/8/2015 5 Essential Tips To Help Anyone With A Weak Bladder - Huffington Post
9/8/2015 Congress comes back to full health IT plate - Politico
9/8/2015 ACP on Telemedicine: Still Wary - MedPage Today
9/3/2015 Doctors to Trump: Deporting Illegal Immigrants Would Be Bad for U.S. Health - Yahoo! News
9/2/2015 U.S. internal medicine doctors: mass deportation would be bad news for the country's health - Philadelphia Inquirer
9/2/2015 ACP Opposes 'Mass Deportation' Proposals on Health Grounds - MedPage Today

August 2015

8/25/2015 Too Few Blacks, Hispanics Becoming Doctors: Study - U.S. News and World Report
8/24/2015 Why your doctor won't 'friend' you on Facebook - CNN
8/20/2015 25 Million U.S. Adults Struggle With Daily Pain - HealthDay
8/19/2015 Escaping the Echo Chamber - MedPage Today
8/18/2015 No Evidence to Support Widespread Screening for COPD: Experts - Health
8/13/2015 Consumer interest: Congress should not ban states' GMO food labels - Pittsburgh Post Gazette
8/11/2015 Ladyparts: An Owner's Manual - Glamour
8/3/2015 Medicare and physicians, 50 years together: it's complicated -

July 2015

7/31/2015 Doctors push to eliminate most child vaccination exemptions - Consumer Affairs
7/25/2015 Putting to Rest the 'Death Panel' Lie - MedPage Today
7/23/2015 Mammograms Are a Mixed Bag - US News and World Report
7/22/2015 Why the gun lobby is trying to silence your doctor - Salon
7/20/2015 Physicians and the 'LGBT Agenda' - MedPage Today
7/10/2015 Sticker shock: How hospital deals are blowing up bills - Philadelphia Daily News
7/9/2015 End-of-Life Planning Would Be Covered in Medicare Proposal - Bloomberg
7/8/2015 Is the end of ICD-10 delay fight over? - Safety-net hospitals use EHRs to fight readmissions - West Health CEO to retire - Politico
7/7/2015 Should Gun Violence Be Treated Like Car Accidents? - U.S. News & World Report
7/1/2015 Docs Prescribe ACA Improvements - MedPage Today

June 2015

6/29/2015 Internal Medicine Residents Clueless on Costs - MedPage Today
6/26/2015 What Phila. experts are saying about the Obamacare ruling - Philadelphia Inquirer
6/26/2015 Experts question value of heart tests sold as potential life-savers - Chicago Tribune
6/22/2015 How a court ruling could create healthcare chaos -
6/18/2015 Your Guide to Over-the-Counter Pain Relief - U.S. News and World Report
6/3/2015 CMS to Give $$ for Success in Curbing Cardio Risks - Medpage Today

May 2015

5/21/2015 Doctors' Group Offers Screening Advice for 5 Cancers - Yahoo! News
5/19/2015 Cancer screening: An example of when less can be more, experts say - Los Angeles Times
5/19/2015 Which cancer screenings do you need? Doctors weigh in on 5 most important - Today Show
5/19/2015 Doctor group seeks to clear confusion in cancer screening - Associated Press
5/19/2015 Less frequent cancer screening possible for many people, doctors say - Reuters
5/12/2015 Doctors' group supports LGBT-inclusive policies, same-sex marriage - Reuters
5/2/2015 Taking Aim at Gun Violence: ACP Builds Coalition - Medpage Today
5/2/2015 Suffolk DA backs universal background checks for gun purchases - Boston Globe
5/1/2015 The Great Success And Enduring Dilemma Of Cervical Cancer Screening - NPR
5/1/2015 Experts clarify best intervals, ages for cervical cancer screening - Reuters

April 2015

4/23/2015 Ban Flavoring, Ads for E-Cigs: Doctors' Group - Web MD
4/22/2015 ACP: Regulate E-Cigarettes, Ban Flavorings - Medpage Today
4/16/2015 Senate overhauls doctors' Medicare payments in groundbreaking vote - Los Angeles Times

March 2015

3/17/2015 A change of heart for cardiac screening - CBS News
3/17/2015 Too Much Cardiac Testing - The New York Times
3/12/2015 House Leaders Looking for Deal to Halt Medicare Payment Cuts - The New York Times
3/3/2015 Not Sure How to Stop Bedsores? New Guidelines May Help - Medpage Today
3/2/2015 Why US law on guns and mental health needs to change - New Scientist

February 2015

2/26/2015 Bioethicist: Why Are Guns a Taboo Topic on Campaign Trail? - NBC News
2/25/2015 Leading Medical Groups Call for Measures to Reduce Gun Injuries, Deaths - U.S. News and World Report
2/24/2015 Leading Medical Groups Call for Measures to Reduce Gun Injuries, Deaths - Healthday
2/24/2015 Medical Societies Call for Reducing Gun-Related Injury, Death - Medscape Today
2/12/2015 Which doctors should "own" end-of-life planning? - Reuters

January 2015

1/14/2015 Guidelines presented for clinical documentation in 21st century - Medical Xpress
1/9/2015 Shots May Trump Pills for Knee Arthritis Pain - Daily Rx