ACP in the News Archive - 2014

December 2014

12/29/2014 Cuts in Medicaid Payments to Doctors Threaten Access to Care - The New York Times
12/29/2014 Patients Misestimate Benefits, Harms of Medical Interventions - Medscape Today
12/3/2014 5 Medical Procedures You May Not Actually Need - Yahoo! Health

November 2014

11/19/2014 Cost of Defensive Medicine; Is This a Time-Waster?; More - Medscape Today
11/17/2014 Need better care coordination? There's a toolkit for that - Kevin MD
11/5/2014 To Prevent Kidney Stones: Go Easy On Soda And Drink Lots Of Water - NPR
11/5/2014 Preventing kidney stones: It may be as simple as changing your diet - The Washington Post
11/4/2014 New guidelines could cut risk of kidney stones - CBS News
11/4/2014 To prevent more kidney stones, drink water - FOX News
11/4/2014 ACP: New Guideline on Staving Off Stones - Medpage Today

October 2014

10/28/2014 Canadian guidelines recommend against prostate cancer test - Chicago Tribune
10/16/2014 Do You Still Need An Annual Pelvic Exam Or Not? - Prevention Magazine
10/14/2014 Tool Tests Residents' Knowledge of High-Value Care - Medscape Today

September 2014

9/29/2014 Several vaccine choices this flu season - Washington Post
9/17/2014 Kegel Exercises Could Help Treat Urinary Incontinence - Huffington Post
9/17/2014 Female Urinary Incontinence: Nonsurgical Treatment - Web MD
9/16/2014 To treat urinary incontinence, start conservatively, doctors say - Reuters
9/16/2014 Try kegel exercises for urinary incontinence, new guidelines say - FOX News

August 2014

8/5/2014 Portable Monitors OK for Spotting Sleep Apnea: New Guidelines - Healthday
8/5/2014 OSA Exam Best for 'Unexplained Daytime Sleepiness' - Medpage Today

July 2014

7/1/2014 Guideline: Most Healthy Women Can Skip Pelvic Exam - Associated Press
7/1/2014 Doctors' group says annual pelvic exams unnecessary for healthy women - CBS News

June 2014

6/30/2014 Skip the Pelvic Exam, Says the American College of Physicians - Time
6/27/2014 Politicians' Prescriptions for Marijuana Defy Doctors and Data - The New York Times
6/23/2014 Their advice has a side effect - laughter -
6/11/2014 Is gun violence a public health issue? - CBS News
6/11/2014 Major Medical Organizations Establish Ambitious Diabetes Registry - Forbes

May 2014

5/27/2014 New diabetes treatment strategies for primary care to boost patient adherence - Medical Economics
5/21/2014 Docs continue to prescribe antibiotics for acute bronchitis - Reuters Health
5/1/2014 More Practices Adopt Team-Based Model Of Medicine - CBS New York

April 2014

4/14/2014 Should doctors consider medical costs? - Boston Globe
4/14/2014 New ACP Program Fosters Coordination of Care - Medpage Today
4/14/2014 ACP: All Is Not Lost for Medical Liability Reform - Medpage Today
4/11/2014 Gun violence as a public health issue - The Washington Post

March 2014

3/25/2014 Sick Again? Why Some Colds Won't Go Away - Wall Street Journal
3/25/2014 Doc groups warns of workforce shortage - Modern Healthcare
3/25/2014 Match Day Sees All-Time Highs For New Doctors - Medscape Today
3/12/2014 Revised NCQA standards still focused on process, critic says - Modern Healthcare
3/6/2014 Medicare to cut payments to physicians, while medical schools get boost in Obama's 2015 budget - Medical Economics

February 2014

2/28/2014 Screening for Chronic Kidney Disease: Time to Say No - Medscape
2/26/2014 Is it OK to Google a client? A rule of thumb for physicians may work for lawyers, too - ABA Journal
2/25/2014 Reform Update: California health committee seeks parity between Medicaid, Medicare payments - Modern Healthcare
2/25/2014 Mystery Medical Symptoms Hit a Surprising Number of Patients - Wall Street Journal
2/24/2014 'Meaningful Use' Stage 3 May Increase Patient Interaction - Medpage Today
2/12/2014 Narrow Provider Networks Need More Work, ACP Says - Medscape Today
2/10/2014 Einstein medical residents continue their quiz dynasty -
2/7/2014 SGR's $125 billion price tag remains significant hurdle, physician groups say - Modern Medicine

January 2014

1/31/2014 Pay and Practice: CMS to Test ICD-10 - Medpage Today
1/24/2014 Are we ready to throw out the stethoscope? - Health
1/17/2014 Experts Predict ACA's Areas of Primary Care Impact - Doctors Lounge
1/15/2014 How I changed my private practice glass from half empty to half full - Kevin MD
1/9/2014 Antibiotic requests: Tips for physicians dealing with patient demands - Medical Economics