Why Partner with Frontier Science Foundation and ACP

ACP and Frontier Science share the goal of proving that digital health applications are safe, effective, and desirable to patients and physicians. As highly-respected nonprofit organizations, ACP and Frontier have the reputations and experience to add credibility to trial results.

Frontier Science has decades of experience in designing, planning, conducting, analyzing, and disseminating clinical trials and results from those trials. Participants in our program will receive the personal guidance and one-on-one assistance of our experts, without getting lost among major corporate clients. Our turnkey infrastructure will enable clinical trials to start quickly and deliver the evidence-based data needed for the product to succeed.

ACP has access to thousands of internal medicine specialists and subspecialists and their patients, with a desire to bring effective new solutions to the practice of medicine. The diversity of practice settings and patient populations ACP represents will add to the credibility of every participant's clinical trial results. As the publisher of Annals of Internal Medicine, the leading peer-reviewed journal for internal medicine, we can provide a fast-track review of your study for possible publication in the journal.

Participants in this unique partnership will be proud to say they conducted a successful clinical trial in partnership with Frontier Science and the American College of Physicians. Having a study published in Annals of Internal Medicine lends even more credibility and visibility to any project.