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U.S. Air Force Governor's Newsletter October 2018

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COL Matthew B. Carroll, MD, FACP, USAF, ACP Governor

COL Matthew B. Carroll, MD, FACP, USAF, ACP Governor



From The Governor

Greetings from Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Happy Fall, y’all! as the saying here goes. It's still warm in South Mississippi, but soon the leaves will be changing and we will all be thinking about Christmas. We had a FANTASTIC Combined Chapter meeting several weeks ago . . . outstanding speakers, amazing attendees, and all in all a fabulous time! The Army ACP Governor Dr. Cristin Mount and I remain dedicated to making our Combined Chapter meeting better each year, not only addressing topics that you want to hear about but also expanding the opportunities for you to network and mentor our medical students, residents, and fellows. I also had the honor of bestowing several awards to distinguished members of our chapter, more to follow below.

Some of our members also recently attended the combined Ohio – Air Force chapter meeting in Columbus, Ohio in early October 2018. Again I am grateful that our Vice Governor, Dr. Angie Collamer, was able to attend on behalf of the Chapter senior leadership. More about that great meeting below.

With our Chapter conferences behind us, I'm already excited about seeing everyone at the National meeting in April 2019 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I am confident that we will once again shine on the national stage!

I would also like to draw your attention to the information summarized in the Hot Topics section of my Newsletter. In that section you will find information about:

  1. (1) the possibility of serving our chapter as one (of two) Well Being Champion,
  2. (2) a call for those interested in serving on the Council of Student Members (CSM), Council of Resident/Fellow Members (CRFM), or Council of Early Career Physicians (CECP), and
  3. (3) a timetable and submission instructions for medical student, resident/fellow, and early career physician research and clinical vignettes at National ACP IM2019




I also have some very important “late breaking” news. It is a distinct honor that I have as an ACP Governor to recognize an individual's lifetime work and achievements when I nominate them for Mastership. Our chapter is full of talented individuals and as your Governor I will do my best to recognize as many of you as I can during my term. I recently received word that Col (Dr.) Rechell Rodriguez was selected for Mastership!!! She will be our first Master of the ACP accepted from our chapter in quite a few years! Congratulations Rechell for your service to our chapter, previously as our governor, to the ACP, and to our nation!



Army – Air Force Chapter Meeting

The Army – Air Force Combined Chapter Meeting was held in San Antonio at the Gateway Club, Lackland AFB from 6 – 8 September 2018. It was another fantastic meeting! If you attended, thank you for your presence and support! If you were unable to attend, we missed you and sincerely hope that you will be there next year.

The Army ACP Chapter Governor and myself worked with the Uniformed Services University to also host our first Faculty Development “pre-course” on 5 September 2018. Over 40 people attended! Later that evening there was a Medical Student reception. I appreciate everyone who stopped by to say hi and meet the medical students in attendance. We are working to have another “pre-course” next year as well! Hopefully my flights will be on time and I will get to enjoy both of these events with you!

In addition to the amazing plenary speakers, we recognized many outstanding members of our chapter. First, our chapter Laureate award winners this year were Colonel (ret) (Dr.) William N. Hannah, Jr (left) and Colonel (ret) (Dr.) Paul A. Hemmer (right). It was an honor to recognize them for their numerous achievements and ongoing support of our chapter!


For the Doctor's Dilemma competition, the team from Wright Patterson AFB will be representing the Air Force at National in Philadelphia, PA in April 2019. Making up the winning team, from left to right, are Captain Nick Niazi, Captain Jordan Evans, and Captain Jessica John:


The Combined Chapter Meeting hosts a variety of resident, fellow, and ECP competitions. The winners of these different events are recognized below. I will apologize here that I do not have pictures of all the winners as there were some technical issues with the photos and some of the award recipients were unavailable for the award ceremony on Saturday.

Our chapter award winners:

Captain (Dr.) Lacy Lowry from SAUSHEC won the Resident QIPS Poster Competition with “Reducing the Inappropriate Use of Proton Pump Inhibitors in Internal Medicine Clinic.”

Captain (Dr.) Amy Stacey from Wright Patterson won the Resident Clinical Vignette Poster Competition with “Aggressive Malignant Neoplasm of the Lung in a Young Nonsmoking Adult with Normal CXR Two Months Earlier.”

Captain (Dr.) Sean Barnett from Wright Patterson won the Arthur Grollman Resident Podium Competition award for his presentation of “A Comparison Study of Internal Medicine Hospitalists and Internal Medicine Residents on Cost-Related Outcomes.”


Major (Dr.) Amanda Deans from Landstuhl Army Medical Center won the ECP Clinical Vignette Poster Competition with “Great Mimickers, Personality Changes Missed by Co-workers and Primary Care Managers.” She is shown above with another poster that she presented. Dr. Deans also won the prestigious Major General Archie Hoffman award for an outstanding ECP at a “field” medical treatment facility. Congratulations Amanda for such exemplary work!

Captain (Dr.) John C. Hunninghake from SAUSHEC won the Jay Sanford Fellow Research Podium Competition award for his presentation of “An Evaluation of Critically Ill Patients with Pulmonary Disease Evacuated from Theater via CCATT.”

Captain (Dr.) Lauren E. Lee from SAUSHEC won the fellow clinical vignette poster competition with “Novel Use of Tocilizumab and HBOC-201 to Successfully Treat Severe, Life-Threatening Acute Hyperhemolysis Syndrome.” Special recognition in this category was extended to Captain (Dr.) Jess Anderson for his poster titled “Intrabrochial Instillation of Voriconazole for a Pulmonary Aspergilloma.”

Our winners will have the opportunity to represent our chapter at National ACP IM2019 in Philadelphia. I eagerly await their chance to shine at this national event!



ACP Board of Governors (BOG) Meeting

Every fall the BOG meet to discuss topics relevant to the management of their chapters as well as to vote on resolutions and other items of College business that move ACP as a national and international organization. At the recent BOG Fall meeting in Seattle in late September, we had the Chairs from the Council of Student Members (CSM), Council of Resident/Fellow Members (CRFM), and Council of Early Career Physician (CECP) councils present. Our very own Captain (Dr.) John Hunninghake, Chair of the CRFM, was in attendance and gave an outstanding lecture on how Governors can better engage their resident/fellow members to meet their needs (picture below):


His lecture was exception and very well received! I am proud as Governor to see the great work that our members have in our service to ACP. Keep up the good work, John!



Ohio – Air Force Chapter Meeting

Earlier this month the Ohio chapter held their annual scientific meeting, again graciously combining resources and opportunities with the Air Force. It was an outstanding meeting and I am very grateful that Dr. Angie Collamer attended representing the Air Force ACP chapter as our senior leader. She met many current and former Air Force doctors in attendance. Several of our Chapter residents from Wright Patterson presented posters:


Above: Captain Sean Barnett from Wright Patterson presented “Atypical Urogential Anatomy and Atypical Urogenital Infections: Case Reports on Pyocystis in Renal Transplant Patients”.

Below: Captain Alexander DiGregorio and Colonel (ret) Dean Bricker (previous Wright Patterson IM Program Director) presented “Silent, but Deadly: Acute Mitral Regurgitation Without a Murmur”.


Above: Captain Huiling Wolff-Koo presented “Recurrent Invasive Group A Streptococcal Infection”.

Thank you to our poster presenters and all those who represented our Chapter at the Combined Ohio-Air Force meeting!



Hot Topics

Seeking Additional Physician Well-Being Champion

As you are aware, ACP launched a new Physician Well-being and Professional Satisfaction initiative in January 2018. Part of that initiative includes training up to 2 Well-being Champions per chapter who will promote the rationale for investing in clinician well-being, share key evidence-based strategies to improve clinician well-being and professional satisfaction, and foster the development of chapter-based communities that support well-being and professional satisfaction.

In April 2018, ACP trained 73 new Champions. There are many compelling reasons for Well-Being Champions in our ACP Chapter, chief among them is to promote a chapter culture of affiliation and connectedness, which is a recognized antidote to feelings of burnout. Another is to help inform about the individual and institutional effects of burnout.

In addition to the benefits that Well-being Champions bring, there are also some they get in return, including:

  • An opportunity to build your CV through involvement with a national organization and our Chapter,
  • Obtaining skills and tools to enhance their own wellness,
  • Free access to the ACP Practice Advisor® tool, and
  • Developing meaningful connections with colleagues.

It is now time once again to nominate individuals for the April 2019 Well-being Champion Training. Champions are expected to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Commit to a three-year term that begins with in-person training at IM 2019. The expected time commitment is about two hours/month over a three-year term.
  • Attend or subsequently listen to periodic virtual webinars and refresher training.
  • Attend up to one in-person training each year (budget-dependent).
  • Administer some type of needs assessment survey to chapter members (e.g., mini z or chapter designed) to ascertain needs and interests of members; analyze and use as basis for chapter programming.
  • Integrate well-being/professional satisfaction information and strategies into Chapter programming, activities and communications.
  • Serve as a coach or mentor for at least two physicians in the chapter each year, providing a supportive connection and resources (and referral information for those in need of more intensive counseling).
  • Assess and work with at least one member's practice to measure well-being, burnout and provide strategies for improvement.
  • Track and document their efforts in an agreed upon format.

Given the importance and relevance of this topic to all ACP members, ACP has proposed that chapters have potentially two Well Being Champions. While we have one trained so far (Dr. Alyssa McMahanon), our Chapter would benefit from having another Champion. If you are interested, the 2019 Champion training will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday, April 9-10, in Philadelphia, PA. National ACP will cover the cost of two hotel night stays (Monday and Tuesday) at IM 2019 and the Chapter will cover travel expenses not covered by National ACP

This link has the job description for those interested. If you are interested, please send me your CV. I will then work with National ACP to potentially solidify a spot in April 2019. Nominations are due by December 14, 2018 to National ACP, so I would urge you if you are interested to send me the information as soon as you know you can meet the commitments of the position.

Council Members Call for Nominations

The Council of Early Career Physicians (CECP), the Council of Resident/Fellow Members (CRFM), and the Council of Student Members (CSM) are currently seeking candidates to fill vacant seats for 2019-20. Nominations are due by November 1, 2018 and details for submitting are included in the links below.

Each Council meets during the ACP Internal Medicine Meeting, once a year in Philadelphia, and several times via webinars. The Councils are responsible for responding to requests for review of programs, products and services; advising the College regarding ways to increase the value of ACP membership among their constituency group; and strengthening activities and relationships at the ACP chapter and local levels.

CECP candidates must be Members or Fellows of the College who are within 16 years of graduating from medical school; CRFM candidates must be Resident/Fellow Members of the College; and CSM candidates must be current Medical Student Members.

For more information please see the CECP Call for Nominations, the CRFM Call for Nominations, and the CSM Call for Nominations. If you have any questions please contact ACP staff at or email me.

National ACP Abstract Competition Timeline

Here are several important dates for you to consider regarding your submission of research or a clinical vignette for presentation at National ACP IM 2019 in Philadelphia.

  Portal Opens Deadline Review Process Results Notification
Medical Student Research & Clinical Vignette October 1, 2018 November 14, 2018 December 1, 2018 to January 14, 2019 On or before February 1, 2019
Resident/Fellow Clinical Vignette October 1, 2018 November 21, 2018 December 1, 2018 to January 18, 2019 On or before February 1, 2019
Resident/Fellow Research October 1, 2018 November 28, 2018 December 1, 2018 to January 18, 2019 On or before February 1, 2019
Early Career Physician Research & Clinical Vignette October 1, 2018 December 3, 2018 December 10, 2018 to January 18, 2019 On or before February 1, 2019

If you were a Chapter winner at our September Combined Meeting, National ACP will begin accepting Chapter winning submissions into the competitions on November 1, 2018. All Chapter winners must be entered by the Chapter Governor BUT Chapter winners must still complete the submission process by Thursday, January 31, 2019. Only Medical Student and Resident/Fellow Members Chapter winners are eligible to advance to the National Poster Competition.

National ACP invites you to volunteer to review abstracts and/or judge posters submitted by medical students, resident/fellows, and early career physicians for the 2019 National Abstract Competitions. If you are interested, please log in and complete the Abstract Review Board/Poster Judge RSVP form.



New Masters, Fellows, and members

I would again like to extend my congratulations to the newest MASTER of the ACP for our Chapter, Colonel (Dr.) Rechell Rodriguez!!

Congratulations to our new Air Force Fellows of ACP:

Lt Col (Dr.) Tamar Sautter
Major (Dr.) Brande Harris
Major (Dr.) Luke Surry

Let's also extend a warm welcome our newest members:

ACP Members:

Eric J Austria, DO
Erlin J Marte, DO MD USAF
Brandon W Kuiper
Erin A Chicoine, MD
CAPT Jason L Brownell, MD
MAJ Amanda L Deans, MD
Michael U Williams, MC USAF
CAPT Kai Chin, DO
Peter C Johnson, MD
Daniel J Cybulski, MD
CAPT Diana Le
CAPT Nam D Nguyen, DO USAF
CAPT Jonathan P Pollock, MC USAF
CAPT Caroline H Nguyen, USAF
CAPT Jason M Thomas, MD
Steven Mudroch II, MD
CAPT Michael A McGarvey, USAF
CAPT Dayna Miyashiro, MD
CAPT Andrew Christian Luxhoj, DO
CAPT Taylor J Atchley, MD
2LT Nicholas Villalobos
Asha De, MD
LT COL John R Jochum, MD
LT COL Serafim Perdikis
CAPT Joseph M Yabes Jr, MD
CAPT Joshua Erlandsen, MD
CAPT Erin Dreessens, DO
Saurabhkumar M Limani, MD
CAPT Kyle Maier, MD
CAPT Valerie Grant Bedsole, MD,USAF
CAPT Nicholas G Keaton, MD
Dionne Rebello, MD
Josh Romain, MD
CAPT Robert Hull, MD,USAF
CPT Jared Beck, DO
Joshua Fields, MD
CAPT Amy Z Jiang, MD
CAPT Geoffrey A Bader
Douglas Deever, AHP MD USAF
Keith Glenn, MD
Sergei Robinson, DO
Michael Gonzales, MD
Elijah Grillo, MD
Jared Joffer, DO
Daniel Bainbridge, DO USAF
Nathaniel Pascual, MD
Christin Destefano, MD
Alison Helmkamp, DO USAF
David Trowbridge, MD
George Gallardo, MD

ACP Resident/Fellow Members:

Dongchul Paek
CAPT Ian Matthews, MC USAF
Jack Zepeda, MD
CAPT Michael H Haggard, MD
LT Parker W Woody, DO
Max Barnes

Medical Student Members:

Elaine Corpuz
James Dreher
Jessica Demes
Riley Pickett
Kyle Stevens
Jeanette Klamfoth
Lillian Harry
Christopher Anderson
Karen Thompson
Tenchee Lama Tamang
Shreena Reddy
Emily Masterson
Mitchell Horten
Hayden Springer
Ryan Sumpter
Kevin Liang
Jason Ross
Caleena Longworth
David Basile
Janel Montfort
Samantha Murphy
William Williams
Xane Beckstead
Chris Casaccio
Wyatt Danner
Bryan Harper
Beth Burgess
Jacob Packer
George Stayer
Jaron Hansen
Averyl Shindruk
Brian Snoad
Rachel Connell
Richard Powell
Alizabeth Weber
2LT Ashley M Madison, MC USAF
Tyler Wilson
Nathaniel Hinckley
Soukaina Noor

Physician Affiliates:

Shane Cordrey, PA




11 – 13 April 2019 ACP Internal Medicine Meeting (Philadelphia, PA)

4 September 2019 Combined Air Force / Army ACP Chapter Meeting Pre-course

USU Faculty Development

Medical Student Reception

5 – 7 September 2019 Combined Air Force / Army ACP Chapter Meeting