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Chapter Communications

Chapter Communications

Resources for CMS Quality Payment  MIPS Reporting 

9-19-18: Important CMS Information MIPS Recalculation; 2019 MIPS payment adjustment 

9-13-18: Influenza Vaccine Payment Allowances - Annual Update  for 2018-2019 Season 

9-13-18: Healthcare Georgia Foundation Webinar

9-13-18: Changing Times Managing Chronic Pain & Keeping Our Patients Safe Webinar 

9-6-18: Changing Times Managing Chronic Pain and Keeping Our Patients Safe

8-29-18: Andy Slavitt and AVIA to lead new Medicaid Transformation Project

8-24-18: CMS Quality Payment Program

8-23-18: GA Chapter E-Brief

8-22-18: CMS Proposed Physician Fee Schedule Changes 

8-22-18: Medicare Reconsiders Paying For Seniors’ Spine Operations At Surgery Centers 

8-22-18: New Medicare Card: Order Handouts for Patients That Did Not Get Their New Cards 

8-16-18: CMS Proposed Physician Fee Schedule Changes 

8-16-18: GA Chapter E-Brief

8-15-18: Vaccines

8-8-18: GA Chapter E-Brief

8-8-18: Compass Practice Transformation Network (PTN) Annual Learning Community Meeting

8-8-18: Atlanta's Oldest Hospital; St Joseph's Hospital 

8-2-18: GA Chapter E-Brief

7-31-18: Update on ACP Efforts toward a Collaborative Maintenance Pathway with ABIM

7-31-18: Influenza and Pneumococcal Vaccines And Administration Reimbursement Palmetto GBA

7-26-18: GA Chapter E-Brief

7-25-18: Concierge medicine being embraced by a growing number of primary care physicians

7-19-19: GA Chapter E-Brief

7-18-18: Doctor Pay Tops $257K For Primary Care, $425K For Specialists

7-18-18: Why this physician teaches first-year medical students

7-12-18: GA Chapter E-Brief

7-11-18: Francis Ferguson, I Raise the Rates MD Champion, Highlights Adult Vaccination Strategies at National Immunization Conference

7-3-18: Abstract Information

7-3-18: Abstract Information

7-3-18: Georgia physicians should confirm their delegates have registered with PDMP

6-28-18: GA Chapter E-Brief

6-28-18: Georgia Prescription Drug Monitoring Program effective July 1, 2018

6-26-18: Practice Management: An Integrated Approach to Short- and Long-term Improvement

6-26-18: Medicine leads the professions in suicide. What can we do about it?

6-18-18: Why States Worry That 'Association Health Plans' Will Be Magnets for Scam Artists

6-18-18: What do U.S. immigration policies mean for the healthcare workforce?

6-14-18: GA Chapter E-Brief

6-14-18: Kaiser Permanente and Emory Healthcare announce new collaboration for integrated care

6-13-18: Drugmakers blamed for blocking generics have jacked up prices and cost US billions

6-13-18: Dashboard spells out the health of 500 cities - including several in Georgia

6-7-18: GA Chapter E-Brief

6-6-18: Congressional bill would add 1,000 doctors to fight Opioid Addiction

6-6-18: Colon cancer screening should start earlier, American Cancer Society says

5-31-18: GA Chapter E-Brief

5-29-18: Deadly Delivery: Opioids By Mail

5-29-18: New Medical School Breaks Ground

5-24-18: GA Chapter E-Brief

5-24-18: Sen. Isakson’s Landmark VA Legislation Passes Senate

5-16-18: Georgia Drug Card flags article on rising Rx drug prices

5-10-18: GA Chapter E-Brief

5-9-18: Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment: Medical Education Module

5-9-18: Mosquitoes, ticks and fleas are spreading more sickness, CDC reports

5-4-18: GA Chapter E-Brief

4-26-18: GA Chapter E-Brief

4-25-18: Three-Day Diabetes Educator Certificate Seminar Scholarship Application

4-25-18: Georgia ranked in top tier for action against opioid abuse

4-19-18: GA Chapter E-Brief

4-18-18: Doctors say EHRs fall short for value-based care

4-18-18: Competition and Premium Costs in Single-Insurer Marketplaces: A Study of Five Rural States 

4-18-18: Partnership Toolbox for Prescription Drug Take Back Day

4-11-18: Rural Georgia wins big as session ends

4-11-18: Mark Zobrosky suffers from chronic back pain

4-5-18: GA Chapter E-Brief

4-5-18: Overview: 2019 Fiscal Year Budget for the Department of Community Health

4-5-18: Apple reveals AC Wellness medical centers to focus on patient experience and population health

3-29-18: GA Chapter E-Brief

3-28-18: Anthem amends ER policy but stands behind decision not to pay for avoidable emergency care

3-28-18: Predictive analytics can spot patients not taking their medicine

3-28-18: HIV preventive drug gets low use in Georgia despite big need

3-22-18: GA Chapter E-Brief

3-15-18: GA Chapter E-Brief

3-8-18: GA Chapter E-Brief

3-1-18: GA Chapter E-Brief

2-28-18: Hospitals keep up swift pace of mergers, alliances

2-28-18: To stay independent, physicians turn to ACOs

2-22-18: GA Chapter E-Brief

2-21-18: ACP Information: Maintenance of Certification Information

2-21-18: House leaders ask insurers for help in combating opioid crisis

2-15-18: GA Chapter E-Brief

2-14-18: Building value-based framework for EHR interoperability depends on provider ease-of-use

2-8-18: GA Chapter E-Brief

2-1-18: GA Chapter E-Brief

2-1-18: CMS: Every eligible physician in Georgia will receive at least a neutral MIPS adjustment for 2017 

1-31-18: MIPS: Are you in or are you out?

1-25-18: GA Chapter E-Brief

1-24-18: Success stories in driving up adult immunization rates

1-24-18: VA, Cerner EHR deal held up after spat over interoperability definition, report says

1-24-18: Medicare penalties for patient injuries to hit Georgia hospitals hard

1-24-18: 10 top healthcare finance trends of 2017

1-18-18: GA Chapter E-Brief

1-17-18: Physician pay increased in 2017 as demand grew, according to study

1-17-18: The uninsured are overusing emergency rooms — and other health-care myths

1-17-18: Medicare B Newsline

1-11-18: GA Chapter E-Brief

1-10-18: 39th and 41st: More subpar health rankings for Georgia

1-10-18: Women outnumber men enrolling in medical school

1-10-18: U.S. health spending growth slowed in 2016

1-10-18: Making population health work for small practices

1-4-18: GA Chapter E-Brief

1-2-18: Georgia DCH Releases Grant for Rural Health NCQA PCMH Certification

12-28-17: GA Chapter E-Brief

12-21-17: GA Chapter E-Brief

12-14-17: The Biggest Interoperability Holdup? There's no business case for it

12-14-17: The Big Five Health Insurers’ Membership and Revenue Trends: Implications for Public Policy

12-14-17: Physicians shouldn’t underestimate link between diabetes, cancer

12-14-17: CMS finalizes rule canceling mandatory bundled payment models

12-14-17: GA Chapter E-Brief

12-14-17: CMS Quality Payment Update

12-14-17: Georgia ACP Wellness Corner

12-14-17: Healthcare Spending Growth Slowed in 2016

12-14-17: Physicians, patients define high-value care differently

12-7-17: GA Chapter E-Brief

12-5-17: Telehealth policy changes mean big revenue opportunities for hospitals

12-5-17: Rural Medicare pilot tests feasibility of paying for actual cost of care

12-5-17: Taken For A Ride? Ambulances Stick Patients With Surprise Bills

12-5-17: Debunking Myths: Physicians' Incomes Are Too High and They Are the Cause of Rising Health Care Costs

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