Oscar E. Edwards Memorial Award for Volunteerism and Community Service

The award is bestowed upon an ACP Medical Student Member, Resident/Fellow Member, Member, FACP, or MACP who has initiated or been involved in volunteer programs, or has provided post training volunteer service. The service must have been completely voluntary and not for completion of training or position requirements. Volunteer work must have been done as a physician or medical trainee and be medically related.

The Awards Committee encourages supporting letters from colleagues who have worked with the nominee in volunteer and community service, community leaders who have noted the impact of the nominee's service, and people who have benefited from the nominee's work.

Nominating and supporting letters should address:

  • The range and scope of the volunteer and community services undertaken by the nominee.
  • Ways in which the nominee has been a leader in initiating, developing, or implementing volunteer programs.
  • Whether and how the nominee’s contributions have been sustained over time.
  • How the characteristics that made the nominee a role model inspired other physicians or medical trainees to participate in volunteer and community service.

Established: 1998

In honor of Dr. Oscar E. Edwards, former Governor and Regent of the College.

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