Harriet P. Dustan Award for Science as Related to Medicine

This award is bestowed for outstanding work in science as related to medicine. Scientists of any country and in any field, whether non-clinical or clinical, biochemical, biological, physical, or social, are eligible for this award. A medical degree is not required. A major consideration in selecting the awardee will be that the nominee has made an outstanding contribution that has been nationally or internationally recognized.

Nominating and supporting letters should address:

  • How the nominee’s contributions have advanced science as it relates to medicine.
  • The nominee’s area of expertise and why the contributions are considered outstanding.
  • Whether the nominee’s scientific contributions to medicine merited national or international recognition.

Established: 1958
In Honor of Dr. Harriet P. Dustan, a Master of the College and recipient of the Phillips Award. (Award named in her honor in 2017.)

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