ACP Inspirational Global Member Awards

These awards recognize ACP Global Members (ACP members living outside the United States who are not members of any U.S. ACP chapter), one in each of two categories annually: 

  1. An early career Internal Medicine physician (A physician within 16 years of graduation from medical school and who is not a medical student or resident/fellow member of ACP) 
  2. An established physician (> 16 years from medical school) 

The awards recognize distinguished achievements and are intended to acknowledge:  

  • Involvement with ACP and contributions beyond a single institution 
  • Role modeling of innovation in clinical care, medical education, clinical research, public service, health education, and/or applicable contribution (e.g., mentorship of students, trainees, peers locally and globally; enhancing curriculum development; etc.). *  
  • Promotion of health equity 
  • Examples of such contributions include efforts to address health care disparities, initiation of educational programs geared to patients, or design of community-based programs emphasizing compassion and quality care  

Examples include: 

Curriculum development (e.g., course/clerkship design, case writing, instructional programs, development of innovative teaching tools or methods, the leadership of curricular task forces or committees locally, regionally, nationally, or internationally). 

Educational administration and leadership (e.g., course director, clerkship director, coordinator of a part of a course or clerkship, program leader, chair of local/regional/national/international education committees) along with advising and mentoring (e.g., students, trainees, and junior colleagues) educational scholarship (e.g., peer-reviewed publications in education, book chapters, grants, presentations at regional, national, international meetings. In addition to teaching evaluations with examples of both quantitative and qualitative data awards for teaching and other education-related activities.  

Nominating and supporting letters should:  

  • Describe the following characteristics embodied by the nominee, including but not necessarily limited only to excellence in clinical care, innovation in care delivery; medical education; community engagement; advocacy for patients/clinical teams/communities, and/or the global healthcare environment. 
  • Describe the exceptional knowledge and clinical acumen of the nominee. 
  • Describe how the nominee fosters humanism and exemplary relationships among patients, clinical staff, and interprofessional team. 
  • Describe how the nominee fosters and promotes health equity. 
  • Describe the nominee's unwavering commitment to care for all patients regardless of location, time, or personal characteristics. 

As with all nominations for awards and Masterships, ACP encourages letters to be submitted in the letter writer’s primary language. ACP will engage translation services as required. Current members of the Board of Regents and Board of Governors are not eligible for this award. 

Established: 2023

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