ACP Award for Outstanding Contributions to Improving Well-being and Professional Fulfillment in Internal Medicine

This award is bestowed upon an ACP member for distinguished contributions to improving well-being and professional fulfillment in medicine. This award recognizes an individual who has helped the profession of medicine through improving the practice and/or training environments, advocating for systems changes, fostering communities of well-being, and assisting others in addressing their personal well-being. The awardee has had a systemic impact on their organization(s) that can be sustained long term.

Nominating and supporting letters should address:

  • Describe the impact that the nominee has had on improving the practice and/or training environments in ways that improve the lives of clinicians
  • Describe successful systems changes that have enhanced clinician well-being because of the advocacy and work of the nominee
  • Describe how the nominee has fostered communities of well-being and the impact this has had on organizational well-being
  • Include metrics of success that demonstrate the nominee’s widespread systemic impact

Established: 2022

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