ACP Announces New Masters and Awardees for 2014-2015

The Awards Committee is pleased to announce that the Board of Regents has approved the following individuals and institutions to receive College awards and Masterships at Internal Medicine 2015. If you would like to personally congratulate any of the new awardees or Masters, please contact Meghann Williams, Administrator, Awards Program, by e-mail at, 800-523-1546, ext. 2714 or 215-351-2714.

An additional notification is being sent to all who wrote supporting letters for nominations, announcing the winners and inviting supporters to enhance nominations for the next cycle plus submit new nominations. A general call for new nominations will be issued in January.

Please join us in congratulating the awardees and new Masters.

John Phillips Memorial Award for Outstanding Work in Clinical Medicine
Robert A. Kyle, MD, FACP
Rochester, Minnesota

Alfred Stengel Memorial Award for Outstanding Service to the American College of Physicians
Donna E. Sweet, MD, MACP
Wichita, Kansas

American College of Physicians Award for Outstanding Work in Science as Related to Medicine
Beatrice H. Hahn, MD Wallingford, Pennsylvania

Myron Max Levine, MD
Baltimore, Maryland

Edward R. Loveland Memorial Award for a Distinguished Contribution in the Health Field
Atlanta, Georgia

Jane F. Desforges Distinguished Teacher Award
John F. Fisher, MD, MACP
Augusta, Georgia

Richard and Hinda Rosenthal Award #1 from The Rosenthal Family Foundation
Thomas D. Sequist, MD, FACP
Boston, Massachusetts

Richard and Hinda Rosenthal Award #2 from The Rosenthal Family Foundation
Mercy Care Clinic
Atlanta, Georgia

Ralph O. Claypoole Sr. Memorial Award for Devotion of a Career in Internal Medicine to the Care of Patients
W. Mark Armstrong, MD, MACP
Dallas, Texas

Nicholas E. Davies Memorial Scholar Award for Outstanding Contributions to Humanism in Medicine
Ruth E. Berggren, MD, FACP
San Antonio, Texas

Outstanding Volunteer Clinical Teacher Award
Arnold Widen, MD, MACP
Chicago, Illinois

Joseph F. Boyle Award for Distinguished Public Service
Representative Henry Waxman
Washington, District of Columbia

Oscar E. Edwards Memorial Award for Volunteerism and Community Service
Larry D. Crook, MD, FACP
Seattle, Washington

Alvan R. Feinstein Award for Patient Care in the Field of Clinical Epidemiology
Alan E. Greenberg, MD, MPH
Washington, District of Columbia

Walter J. McDonald Award for Young Physicians
Jay D. Bhatt, DO, MPH, FACP
Chicago, Illionois

Joseph E. Johnson Leadership Award
Mohan Ashok Kumar, MBBS
Danville, Pennsylvania

Herbert S. Waxman Award for Outstanding Medical Student Educator
Yolanda Mercer, MD
Tucson, Arizona

W. Lester Henry Award for Diversity and Access to Care
Donald E. Wilson, MD, MACP
Owings Mills, Maryland

Samuel Eichold II Memorial Award for Contributions in Diabetes
Ralph A. DeFronzo, MD, FACP
San Antonio, Texas

Arnold P. Gold Foundation ACP Award for Medical Humanism
Corwin Q. Edwards, MD, MACP
Murray, Utah


Federico G. Alfaro, MD, MACP
Guatemala City, Guatemala

Sanjeev Arora, MBBS, MACP
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Peter Basch, MD, MACP
Washington, District of Columbia

Georges C. Benjamin, MD, MACP
Washington, District of Columbia

Terence M. Brady, MD, MACP
Brooklyn, New York

Otis W. Brawley Jr., MD, MACP
Atlanta, Georgia

Michael S. Bronze, MD, MACP
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Arthur E. Brown, MD, MACP
New York, New York

Thomas H. Caine, MD, MACP
Salt Lake City, Utah

Christopher M. Callahan, MD, MACP
Indianapolis, Indiana

Robert M. Centor, MD, MACP
Huntsville, Alabama

Robert T. Chow, MD, MACP
Baltimore, Maryland

Steven R. Craig, MD, MACP
Urbandale, Iowa

Harry E. Davis II, MD, MACP
El Paso, Texas

Thomas G. DeLoughery, MD, MACP
Portland, Oregon

Harvey Dosik, MD, MACP
Brooklyn, New York

Corwin Q. Edwards, MD, MACP
Murray, Utah

N. Lawrence Edwards, MD, MACP
Gainesville, Florida

Richard S. Eisenstaedt, MD, MACP
Abington, Pennsylvania

Eva Essenfeld-Sekler, MD, MACP
Caracas, Venezuela

John F. Fisher, MD, MACP
Augusta, Georgia

David A. Fleming, MD, MA, MACP
Columbia, Missouri

Michael S. Gold, MD, MACP
Rockville, Maryland

Sharon L. Haase, MD, MACP
Beaver Dam, Wisconsin

Irl B. Hirsch, MD, MACP
Bellevue, Washington

Richard P. Holm, MD, MACP
Brookings, South Dakota

Eric S. Holmboe, MC USNR, MACP
Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

David H. Johnson, MD, MACP
Dallas, Texas

Joel T. Katz, MD, MACP
Boston, Massachusetts

Carol Ann Kauffman, MD, MACP
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Carl B. Lauter, MD, MACP
Royal Oak, Michigan

Tzu-Kuang Lee, MD, MACP
Canmore, Alberta, Canada

Lawrence K. Loo, MD, MACP
Redlands, California

Marco A. Lopez, MD, MACP
Panama City, Panama

Marjorie K. Mau, MD, MACP
Honolulu, Hawaii

Robert M. McCann, MD, MACP
Rochester, New York

Melissa A. McNeil, MD, MACP
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Michael J. Morris, MD, MACP
San Antonio, Texas

Jerry L. Nadler, MD, MACP
Norfolk, Virginia

Kenneth E. Olive, MD, MACP
Johnson City, Tennessee

Ruth M. Parker, MD, MACP
Atlanta, Georgia

Carlos F. Petrozzi, MD, MACP
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

William Rojas, MD, MACP
Medellin, Colombia

Ronald N. Rubin, MD, MACP
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Fred J. Schiffman, MD, MACP
Providence, Rhode Island

Mark Siegler, MD, MACP
Chicago, Illinois

Linda S. Snell, MD, MACP
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Charles E. Turner, MD, MACP
Huntington, West Virginia

Paul A. Volberding, MD, MACP
San Francisco, California

Steven J. Walerstein, MD, MACP
Dix Hills, New York

Frederic B. Walker, MD, MACP
Grand Junction, Colorado

Joseph G. Weigel, MD, MACP
Somerset, Kentucky

William L. Winters Jr., MD, MACP
Houston, Texas

Marshall A. Wolf, MD, MACP
Boston, Massachusetts

Janice Zimmerman, MD, MACP
Houston, Texas