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Laureate Award Winners

The Laureate Award recognizes and honors those Fellows and Masters of the ACP who have demonstrated an abiding commitment to excellence in medical care, education, research, and service to their community and their chapter. A nominating committee appointed by the Chapter Governor proposes deserving recipients periodically from among the chapter membership, and the awardee is selected by vote of the Council. The recipient is recognized with a special presentation at the banquet ceremonies at the annual chapter meeting.

1988 William L. Hughes, MD, FACP
C. S. Lewis, Jr., MD, MACP
1990 Richard Marshall, MD, FACP
1992 F. Daniel Duffy, MD, FACP
1995 John M. Kalbfleisch, MD, FACP
1998 R. Timothy Coussons, MD, FACP
1999 Marcus Boyd Shook, MD, FACP
2000 M. Dewayne Andrews, MD, FACP
2002 Boyd O. Whitlock, MD, FACP
2003 Eldon V. Gibson, MD, FACP
2008 Michael Weisz, MD, FACP
2009 L. Scott Owen, MD, FACP
2011 S.A. Dean Drooby , MD, FACP
2014 Robert Hauger, MD, FACP
2014 Ali Mohammad, MBBch, FACP

Special Meritorious Award

This award is given for outstanding service, dedication, and tireless efforts on behalf of Oklahoma Internists.

2014 James H. Baker, MD, FACP

Advocacy Award

This award is given for strong support on behalf of Internal Medicine to the Oklahoma Congressional Delegation.

2014 Matlock Jeffries, MD

Page updated: 11/03/14

Contact Information

Michael S. Bronze, MD, MACP, Governor, Oklahoma Chapter

Kathy Musson
Ph: 405-850-8334
E-mail: kmussonokc@gmail.com