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Minnesota Governor's Newsletter September 2019

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David R Hilden, MD, FACP, ACP Governor

David R Hilden, MD, FACP, ACP Governor


Mission and Vision

Minnesota ACP Mission: To foster excellence, education and professionalism among all internists in our community and to work together to shape the future of healthcare in Minnesota.

Minnesota ACP Vision: To be Minnesota's recognized leader for patient care, advocacy and education and to enhance career choice, satisfaction and collaboration for specialists and subspecialists in Internal Medicine.

Visit the chapter website.

Minnesota LinkedIn and Twitter: @mn_acp



Message from the Governor

Dear Minnesota friends,

It's been a hard month at my work at the big county hospital. Perhaps it has been for you, as well. I love seeing patients, but administrative work also consumes my time. I can't count all the meetings. Most are important. Some less so. In one of those meetings I literally addressed the complexities around who gets to park his or her car in which ramp. I found out that car parking is more nuanced and emotionally hazardous than I thought.

Then there is the “paperwork” requirements, a word which cracks me up because nobody actually uses paper anymore (except for my hospital in which we still have patients consent for a blood transfusion on a paper form developed in what appears to be the Eisenhower administration). And I must have signed 482 forms this month.

And can I get some sympathy for the “coding queries” from the Revenue Cycle people? Am I uniquely bad at this or does everybody need reminding as much as I do that billing a level 1 for that patient with septic shock is probably not going to cut it…. Sigh.

But then I saw Mrs. R, Mr. N, and Ms. T. My patients. Geez I love them. One is homeless, one has heart failure, another has a liver that is quitting and doesn't have long to live. Three patients this week had a digit or foot amputated. One had COPD so severe I could hear her breathing from 50 feet down the hall. So many had mental health issues. So many.

But almost to a person they were grateful for my presence in their lives. And in reminding myself of that thought, I forgot about all my frustrations of paperwork and forms and meetings. The patients I am privileged to serve at our big urban safety net hospital in Minneapolis reminded me of what a joy it is being a doctor.

If you are an ACP member in Minnesota reading this, I'll bet you can relate to my experience. Because I'll bet it is your experience as well. Our profession, taken at its core, should bring us joy. But all too often, instead of joy we get frustration.

As your ACP governor in our great state, I hope to focus on bringing joy to our practice as a theme for the coming year. For me, ACP is a treasure. I remember hanging out with my resident friends 20 years ago at ACP meetings in Minnesota and all over the country. I still hang out with those friends today. To this day, I count among my most cherished colleagues not just my friends at Hennepin in downtown Minneapolis, but my friends at Mayo, the University of Minnesota, Park Nicollet, Allina, Fairview, HealthPartners, CentraCare, Essentia, Sanford, and those at practices all over our state.

My other focus is on advocacy. As Minnesota Governor, I also serve on the national ACP Health and Public Policy Committee. Minnesota, you have a voice in Washington and St. Paul. Let me hear your voice!

In short, ACP is the vehicle for connecting with YOU, my internal medicine friends.

So here's what you can do to reclaim joy in your practice: you can attend our Scientific Meeting on October 10 and 11. Have you ever been to a Story Slam? If not, you need to hear your fellow internists speak their truth from their hearts at our FIRST EVER story slam at the meeting on October 10. (I have now gone to several Story Slam events at national ACP Internal Medicine meetings and they are always the highlight of the meeting). Or maybe you need to brush up on your clinical skills (seriously, who doesn't?). In my first few months as Minnesota Governor I have learned that our meeting is among the finest in the nation at continuing education. Or maybe you want to re-connect with old friends. Or witness the future of Internal Medicine as hundreds of residents from HCMC, the University of Minnesota, Abbott Northwestern, and Mayo Clinic dazzle us with their academic and humanistic skills. Seriously, these young doctors are uber-smart and energetic. Or maybe you just want to remind yourself of how great it is to be an internist.

The meeting is just the place to do all these things. In short, ACP is your professional home. I am firmly convinced that to combat the meetings, the paperwork, the computer work, the isolation of being a doctor, we need to connect with one another. ACP can be your professional home. We need each other.

Please read this newsletter and learn about all the cool and useful things going on in your chapter. Get involved with us. Learn with us. And find joy in your practice with us!

I am privileged to be your new Governor. Please contact me at if you have a question, a concern, or just want to get a beer. I'd love to hear from you.

David Hilden, MD, MPH, FACP

MN-ACP Governor



Minnesota Internal Medicine: 2019

Join us on Oct. 10-11, 2019 at Minneapolis Convention Center

I encourage new and seasoned physicians to join us at the Minnesota Internal Medicine meeting to recharge, rewind, reflect, and reconnect with their peers, chapter leaders, and great speakers. In addition to earning CME and MOC credits, the conference is about making personal connections and getting involved in your chapter. We hope you will join us!

Date: October 10-11, 2019

Location: Minneapolis Convention Center

Program and Registration

Contact for more information:



September is Women Physician's Month

MN-ACP recognizes four of our Minnesota women internists who were groundbreakers as the eldest women internists among our members. They forged a path for the many women internists who followed them in Minnesota.

Helen Wang, MD, FACP who was a personal physician for world renown researcher Dr. Ancel Keyes. She last practiced at Park Nicollet.


Hannelore Brucker, MD, FACP ran/operated Southdale Allergy and Asthma Specialists for 30 years. She received internal medicine training in Dearborn, MI and at Hennepin County Medical Center.

Shama Bhan Ahuja, MD who has attended two annual scientific sessions in the past years and assisted as a poster judge.

Judith G. Arvold, MD is an internist at St Luke's and was the first physician to serve on the board of the Duluth Community Clinic. She continues to mentor UMD medical students interested in internal medicine.

Join other Women Internists at the Oct. 11th Internists Breakfast for a lively discussion of issues and attend the Supporting Women in Medicine presentation by Drs. Karen Mauck and Anjali Bhagra at 11:15am on Oct. 11th at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Information and registration can be found here:

Click here for three webinars on Women in Medicine and for more information and registration for one or more of these webinars.



Member Spotlight- Melissa Simonson, MD


Where are you from?

I'm originally from Chisholm, MN. I've been calling Duluth, MN home for the past 6yrs.

Where did you go college, medical school, and residency?

Hamline University in St. Paul, University of MN Medical School, Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis.

What are a couple of things you enjoy doing in your off from work?

I spend most of my time outside of work chasing after my three young children (6, 4, and 1). We love spending time at the lake-swimming, boating, and enjoying the calm and beauty. Duluth has amazing summers and falls. We spend as much time exploring the great outdoors as possible. The winters are long, so we also like to travel to warmer climates.

What do you enjoy most about being an internist?

I find the complexity and variety of internal medicine challenging and satisfying; I love a good differential diagnosis. I practice as a hospitalist, so I also enjoy the acuity of illness and fast-built relationships created with patients and families during very challenging times in their lives.

Do you have a concern (or a few) about our profession?

I worry about burn-out and work life balance.

Tell us what is important to you

The Minnesota Chapter of the American College of Physicians (MN-ACP) is committed to improving communication, advocacy, and services to its members. Your participation in this upcoming survey is encouraged so that we can provide opportunities and information to help you with your practice, identify ways MN-ACP can provide more value to you, and advocate for issues important to our members. Watch for the online survey link in September.



Practice Resources and Continuing Education

View ACP's Adult Immunization Resource Hub, which was developed as part of ACP's I Raise the Rates initiative. The resource hub provides updated clinical information, patient education materials, quality improvement guidance and much more.

ACP members also have free access to the new ACP QI Advance Curriculum. Learn core QI skills that empower you to implement practice-changing initiatives to increase adult immunization rates in your practice. Earn CME/MOC with this online resource. This resource was developed by physicians for physicians and their clinical teams and takes clinicians through each stage of the Quality Improvement (QI) journey from establishing the “what” and “why” for change to implementing and sustaining change. In addition to the QI Curriculum, ACP Advance offerings include a physician-led coaching service and chronic care resources. Click here to learn more about ACP Advance or contact Michele Duchin.

Health Impacts of Climate Change: Ignorance at the Broad Street Pump? Is a webinar playback. Click here to register/hear this session.

ACP has partnered with Core IM to offer a new CME-eligible podcast series featuring clinically relevant and internal medicine-specific information for physicians of all levels and backgrounds. Core IM features four categories of podcasts:

  • 5 Pearls: The hosts solidify five applicable, relevant pearls on an internal medicine topic.
  • Hoofbeats: Experienced clinicians are challenged to solve diagnostically difficult cases with listeners in real time.
  • Mind the Gap: The hosts explore the evidence – or lack thereof – for common internal medicine practices to tackle knowledge gaps and challenge dogma.
  • At the Bedside: Discusses humanities topics that reach beyond traditional evidence based medicine and delves into the ethics and emotions that come with practicing today.

The Core IM podcasts including, “Coronary CTA: 5 Pearls” are available on the ACP podcast landing page. After listening to each episode, ACP members can log in to the Online Learning Center to claim CME credit and MOC points. Contact Laura Baldwin with any questions.

Reminder of an ACP Benefit: Group Disability Insurance- Depending on the work place and the employer benefits offered, many internists, especially younger internists, do not carry a disability plan. There are many excellent plans available, including the ACP Group Disability Insurance Plan that can save you money and provides the following benefits:

  • “Own occupation” disability definition means you receive benefits when you cannot work in your specialty. You will not be forced to work in another occupation.
  • Monthly benefit levels up to $12,500.
  • Rates do not increase after age 60, a unique benefit!
  • Benefits do not reduce throughout life of the plan.
  • Qualify for coverage when working just 20 hours per week.
  • Coverage is not tied to your job; it can follow you through your career.
  • Benefits are typically tax free.

Thank you to Cathy Leadabrand, MD, FACP from the SD-AAP chapter for contributing this information. Explore the ACP site for this and other benefit pearls: ACP Membership Benefits.



MN-ACP heads to Duluth


“Diagnostic Error in Internal Medicine” presentation by Dr. Andrew Olson is available online at Password: IDREAMTV2019

October 24th for I.M. on Tap from 6-7:30pm at Fitger's Brewhouse in Duluth with Dr. Becky Davies “Finding Respite for Duluth's Homeless”



Congratulations New Fellows!

Achieving ACP Fellowship is a mark of distinction and a milestone in a physician's career.

Please join me in congratulating Ericka E Tung, MD FACP of Rochester, MN as a new Fellow named by ACP in the last 3 months.

Make 2019 the year you apply for Fellowship- Fellowship is a high honor and a mark of distinction and professional achievement that is recognized by your peers and your patients. If you are now a member- become a Fellow by finding which pathway to Fellowship is appropriate for your career path. Links to the requirements for advancing to Fellowship and to the application are also found on this website. In Minnesota, there are 350 current members who are eligible for a pathway to becoming a Fellow of the American College of Physicians (FACP) and we are here to help connect with a reference internist from your health system or geographical area.

The guided Fellowship for Resident/Fellow members that transition to full membership is also available for ACP Resident/Fellow Members that transition to full Membership each July. For more information:

If you have any questions about completing the Fellowship application feel free to call ACP at 800-523-1546 ext. 2709



The MN-ACP Council

The MN-ACP Council meets twice per year and has five standing work groups including:

  • Scientific Session Planning Committee
  • Health Policy Committee
  • Early Career Physicians Committee
  • Hospitalists Committee
  • Health Information Technology Committee

If you are interested in receiving information about any of these committees, please contact us for more information.



Health and Public Policy Update 2019

Sally Berryman, MD, FACP

MN-ACP Health Policy

The MN-ACP Health and Public Policy Committee is in the process of identifying priorities for the 2020 legislative session. Priorities will reflect the categories of

  • Improve Public Health
  • Improve Patient Affordability and Mental Health Behavioral Health Access
  • Support Minnesota Physicians' Ability to practice

Please feel free to contact our MN-ACP MN Health and Public Policy chair Sally Berryman, MD, FACP with any questions or to join the Policy Committee.

Advocacy in Action

  • The American College of Physicians has joined with six other health organizations including the American Academy of Family Physicians, American Academy of Pediatrics, American College of Surgeons, American Medical Association, American Psychiatric Association, and American Public Health Association to outline critical steps that must be taken to curb gun violence including closing gun-sale loopholes and keeping magazine-style weapons off the streets. The ACP Policy statement was published last month. If you are interested in reducing firearm injury and death, consider responding to the “ACP Call to Action
  • MN-ACP member Ryan Kelly, MD approached the MN-ACP Policy Committee this spring regarding a requested change in the MN DHS administrative policy for changing Hepatitis C Medicaid coverage rules. Dr. Kelly coordinated the request before the MN Medicaid Formulary Committee. MN-ACP provided a letter of support and testimony to the DHS committee to support Dr. Ryan's request. “To doctors who want their patients to get heard, do it and don't stop,” said Dr. Ryan.



Early Career Physicians

ACP's official definition of an “early career physician” is a physician who has graduated from medical school within the last 16 years AND who is not currently in residency or subspecialty fellowship training. Any questions or suggestions, please contact the Early Career Physicians Chairwoman, Amy Holbrook, MD. We are especially interested in topic ideas for upcoming “I.M. on Tap” sessions in 2020.



Welcome New Minnesota Members

Resident/Fellows and Members!

Over 230 new physicians, and resident/fellows have joined ACP and the MN chapter in the last six months. Thank you for your membership and count ACP and MN-ACP as a professional home and resource for you.

Abubaker Abdalla,MD
Nermine Abdelwahab
Bariituu Adam, MD
Abdimalik Ahmed, MD
Chineze Akusoba, MD
Erik Anderson, MD
Lagu Androga, MD
Nivedita Arora, MBBS
Karun Badwal, DO
Natashay Bailey, MD
Bjorn Bakken, MD
Samantha Banks, MD
Ross Barman, MD
Robertson Bayer, MD PhD
Joan D Beckman, MD,PhD
Tessa Benanzer, MD
Subir Bhatia, MD
Mohammed N Bhuiyan, MD
Jonathan Bjork, MD
Adam C Bledsoe, MD
Melissa Bogin, MD
Janine Beatrice Borja, MD
Megan A Brandeland, MD
Kathryn Bratko, MD
Amy Brendel, MD FACP
LaPrincess Brewer, MD FACP
Paul T Brungardt, MD
M Caroline Burton, MD FACP
Fiorela Calderon Sandoval, MD
Scott Canepa, MD
Scarlett Cao, MD
Andrew J Caraganis, MD
Claire Carlson, MD
Gregory Challener, MD
Mool Chand, MBBS FACP
Kevin Chang, MD
Chieh-Yu Chen, MD
Janice Cho, MD
Chansong Choi, MD
John Christensen, MD
Jennifer Elizabeth Clark, MD
Donna Coetzee, MD
Caitrin M Coffey, MD
Caitlin M Conboy, MD
Gabriela Contino, MD
Joselle Cook, MBBS
Cristina Corsini, MD
Meaghan Costello, MD
Megan Covington, MD
Tara Davidson, MD
Alexander Dayton, MD
Jaime De La Fuente
Kelly Dean, MD
Alberto Del Valle De Laosa, MD
Michael Dietrich, MD
Megan Dillman, MD
Saam Dilmaghani, MD
Christopher Dinh, MD
Samual Dolezal, MD
Ali Duarte-Garcia, MD
Allison Lynn Ducharme-Smith, MD
Alec Duffy, MD
Christina T Dunn, MD FACP
Nirjhar Dutta MD
Alma Dzafic, MD
Derek W. Ebner, MD
Serin Edwin, MBBS
Matthew Emerson, MD
John P Emmel, MD
Erik Engebretson, MD
Alisson Estrada Roman, MD
Elizabeth Fairbairn, MD
Marybeth Farazdaghi, MD
Robert Fell, MD
Sharon Frattalone, MD
Ellen Gardner, MD
Kelly Gast, MD
Donald Gehrig, MD
Benjamin Taylor Gerke, MD
Ying Gibbens, MD
Jennifer Gile, MD
Andres Gonzalez Coba, MD
Vanessa Gow-Lee, MD
Stephanie L Grach, MD
Lisa Grundtner, MD
Jordan Gunn, MD
Christopher Ha, MD
Alma Habib, MD
Alexandra Hall, MD
Mahjub Hammond, MD
Tess R Hanson, MD
Tanveer E Fatema Roshanali Hassam, MD
Antonious Hazim, MD
Michelle Herberts
Ashley D Hickman, MD
Stephen Bradely Hicks, MD
Alexandra Higgins, MD
James C Hill, MD
Larisa Jean Nordstrom Hill, MD
Meghan Hill, MD
Alexander Hines, MD
Ivana Ho, MD
Katherine Holten, MD
Patrick S Hoversten, MD
Adam J Hsu, MD
Marie Hu, MD
Phyllis Huang, DO
Jocelyn Hull, MD
Dame Idossa, MD
Eseosa Ighodaro, MD
Audrey Jacobsen, MD
Greg Johnson, MD
Kimberly Johnson, MD
Matthew Johnston, MD
Sriveer Kaasam, MD
Gowri Kabbur, MD
Amrit K Kamboj, MD
Amjad Nadim Kanj, MD
Lena Kassab, MD
Tolulope Kehinde, MD
Vasken Keleshian, MD
Susan Kenzie, MD
Camille Kezer, MD
Rabia Khan, MD
Rachel Kneeland, DO
Andrew Knutson, MD
Aaron J Kramer, MD
Amos Lal, MD
Kathryn Elise Larson, MD
Leo Laub MD
Christina Lee, MD
John Leonard, MD
Heyi Li, MD
Jenny Li, MD
Marissa Li, MD
Anthony Liebhard, MD
James W Lloyd
Ronstan Lobo, MD
Angie Lobo Romero, MD
Spencer Loch, MD
Ying Long, MBBS
Aleshia Magee, MD
Katherine Marichal, MD
Ariela Marshall, MD
Amanda McCormick, MD
Mathias McCormick, MD
Trevon McGill, MD
Jack McHugh, MD
Sara Medina-Bielski, MD
Thomas P Meehan Jr, MD
Paul Meirick, MD
Iqra Mian, MD
Wendy A Miller, MD
Elliot Mills, MD
William B Minteer, MD
Leah Mische, MD
Ahmed Abdullahi Mohamed, MD
Sneha Mohan, MD
Carmen M Montagnon, MD
Eucabeth Mose, MD
Evan Kendahl Moser-Bleil, MD
Omar Mousa, MD
Heather Muster, MD MS
Sean Everett Nelson, MD
Nathan Nesbitt, MD
Aurora Norman, MD
Carlee I Oakley, MD
Nicholas Richard Oblizajek, MD
Kevin Odonnell, MD
Jacob Orme, MD PhD
Gregory Pajot, MD
Jonas Paludo, MD
Vidhu Pandey, MD
Angadbir Parmar
Leslie Pensa, MD
Daniel Pfeifle, MD
Marcus Pinto, MD
Melissa Plesac, MD
Christopher A Podgorski, MD
Jean Porter, MD
Robert Pueringer, MD
Nasreen Syeda Quadri, MD
Michael David Richter, MD
Parrisha Roane, MD
Clark Robinson, MD
Paula J Rote, MD
Jaeda Roth, MD
Heather W Rud, MD
Mehria Sayad-Shah
Daniel Sebring, MD
Hanan Seid, MD
Deborah Setter, MD
Adnan Shaaban, MD
Saumya M Shah, MD
Pragya Shrestha, MD
Brody D Slostad, MD
Jessica Anne Slostad, MD
Aaron A H Smith, MD
Kevin Song, MD
Jessica Stowe, MD
Forrest Sturgill, MD
Yosuf Subat, MD
Nuttavut Sumransub, MD
Terin Tecia Sytsma, MD
Don Bambino Geno Tai, MD
Alex Tarabochia, MD
Shanojan Thiyagalingam
Christine Thomas, DO
Joshua Trujeque, MD
Alexander Tsai, MD
Marcella Ali Tschautscher, MD
Ericka E Tung, MD FACP
Iboro Akam Udomon, MD
Jonathan Urbach, MD
Daniel Vanderhoef, MD
Jaime Verano Chavez, MD
Shravya Vinnakota, MBBS
Nathan Vinzant, MD
Andrea E Wahner Hendrickson, MD
Jared Warczytowa, MD
Kelli Watson, MD
Blake Weber, MD
Abigail Wegehaupt, MD
Garrett A Welle, MD
Rodney Will, MD
Nicholas Wilson, MD
Grant Wintheiser, MD
Luke Wohlwend, MD
Jenna R Wolfe, DO
Mirit Yacoup, MD
Dimitriy Yezhikov, DO
Saurabh Zanwar, MD
Catherine Danli Zhang, MD

Welcome New Medical Student Members!

Many thanks to the Internal Medicine Interest Group Leadership at the University of Minnesota Medical School, UM-Duluth Medical School and the Mayo Medical School for their recruitment of new members in the last 6 months. Remember, medical students can join ACP without charge. We look forward to all medical student engagement in the chapter.

Kaytlin Westerberg
Alec Haug
Morgan Steffen
Alyse M Kaml
Amanda Palme
Nicholas Olson
Namrata Gadela
Daniel Bullard
Allison Martin
Ann Heyer
Jared Grootwassink
Kate Williams
Nicholas Larsen
Kristin Heslep
Adam Mayer
Heather L Oas
Olivia Ondigi
David Sandness
Amy Wakumoto
Josh Kruize
Omar Ahmed
Sahej Bains
Cory D Birkestrand
Brett Cornforth
Ijoni Lisha
James Markos
Tim Moore
Karim Osman
Wesam Taha
Mitchell Annis
Ryan D Osborne
Katherine Rogers
Gabriela Severiano
Sarah Anderson
Danielle Mangine



Attend ACP's New Point-of-Care Ultrasound Course

Minnesota member David Tierney, MD, FACP is one of the instructors for the new ACP POCUS course that will be held in early November (Nov 7-8 or Nov.9-10 in a Rosemount IL. You'll get hands-on experience with live models and simulators and learn skills applicable to any practice setting and earn CME credit and MOC points.



Save the Dates

  • Sept. 17, 2019- Abstracts due for submission for the Oct. 11, 2019 Abstract competition for medical students and residents at the Minneapolis Convention Center
  • Oct. 10-11, 2019 for the ACP-MN Annual Scientific Session and Pre-courses, Minnesota Internal Medicine:2019 at the Minneapolis Convention Center Information and Register (insert link)
  • Oct. 24, 2019- I.M. on Tap at Fitger's Brewhouse in Duluth with Dr. Becky Davies “Finding Respite for Duluth's Homeless” rsvp to .
  • Oct. 2019- Retired Internists lunch from 1-2:30pm in metro area- MN-ACP provides space and beverage, you buy your meal. For more information and RSVP to
  • How can we better serve you? Please contact me with questions or thoughts on how the MN-ACP can serve you. David Hilden, MD, MPH, FACP Governor, MN-ACP