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Near Miss Registry

ACP facilitated the nationwide expansion of the Near Miss Registry to improve patient safety.

A near miss is an act of omission or commission that could have harmed a patient but did not reach the patient as a result of chance, prevention or mitigation. The goal of the Near Miss Registry is to understand factors that can lead to such close calls and how medical errors can be averted.

Individual clinicians can report near miss events on a confidential, anonymous web-based survey. Participating in the survey can make a significant professional contribution toward improving patient safety, lead to better positioning to meet CMS (COP) Quality Compliance Assessment for hospitals, as well as other benefits.

ACP is working to expand the Near Miss Registry to community hospitals around the U.S. and to ambulatory practices, linking the confidential and secure survey tool to educational and quality improvement resources.

The reporting tool is located at and is hosted on a secure server that is protected under the confidentiality provisions of the Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act of 2005. If you would like to request a login or have other questions, view the handout for contact information and additional details.

ACP is a listed by AHRQ as a Patient Safety Organization (PSO). As a federally listed PSO, physicians and other health care providers participating in the Near Miss Registry are afforded the confidentiality and privilege protections of the Patient Safety Act. To learn more about PSOs, go to

The Near Miss Registry was developed by the New York Chapter of the ACP and Dr. Ethan Fried, MD, MS, MACP, PI, Near Miss Registry, Residency Program Director and Associate Chair for Education, Medicine - Lenox Hill Hospital, Associate Designated Institutional Official, Northwell Health System, Hofstra School of Medicine, New York, NY.