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Join ACP

Full Membership

For internists and subspecialists post-training living in the U.S. For International Membership see below.

Full Membership

Former full Members may be reinstated as ACP Members by submitting an online reinstatement form or by calling Member & Customer Service.

Physician Affiliate Membership

ACP’s Physician Affiliate membership category is for physicians who do not meet the requirements for full membership in the College. It is important to note that Physician Affiliates are excluded from voting, holding office and attaining Fellowship. They may sit on any committee or council that has open seats for non-members.

Physician Affiliate Membership

Resident/Fellow Membership

For internal medicine residents and fellows-in-training.

Resident/Fellow ACP Membership Application and Information

Former Resident/Fellow Members who are still in residency or fellowship training may be reinstated by completing the Resident/Fellow Reinstatement Form. If out of training and qualified for full Membership, an ACP Membership application must be completed.

Medical Student Membership

For medical students pursuing a medical degree, either allopathic or osteopathic.

Medical Student Membership Application and Information

International Membership

The diverse ACP international membership extends across the globe, with members from more than 125 countries. In addition, ACP has a local presence with established chapters in Brazil, Canada, Central America, Chile, Colombia, Japan, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Southeast Asia, and Venezuela.

International ACP Membership Application and Information

Non-Physician Affiliate Membership

Non-Physician Affiliate membership is available to licensed non-physician health care professionals working on a patient-care team led by an MD, DO, or a physician holding an internationally equivalent degree and who maintain their professional credentials to practice. Eligible professionals include: physician assistants, nurse practitioners and other advanced practice nurses, registered nurses, pharmacists and doctors of pharmacy, and clinical psychologists.

Non-Physician Affiliate Membership Application and Information


For current ACP Members applying for advancement or for nonmember physicians applying for direct election to Fellowship.

Fellowship Application and Information

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Recommend ACP Membership to your colleagues and earn a significant discount on your membership dues or even free membership. Help strengthen the voice of internal medicine!