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California Southern I Governor's Newsletter January 2019

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Mark S. Noah, MD, FACP, ACP Governor

Mark S. Noah, MD, FACP, ACP Governor


A Message from the Governor

Dear Colleagues,

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year celebration. I enjoyed meeting with many of you at our Southern California regional ACP meeting this fall in Huntington Beach, and I want to thank all of you for the continued support of the College. I particularly want to thank all members who were generous in their support of our neighbors who were devastated by the wildfires that spread through our area in November this year.

In this newsletter, I want to share with you an update of ACP activities that have taken place since my last newsletter this summer.

In the last 6 months, 208 new physician members have joined our ACP chapter, and we have also enrolled 143 new Resident/Fellow members and 218 medical students. I am proud to announce that 22 of our ACP region's physician members have advanced to ACP Fellowship in that time period.

Please let me know if you find the information in this newsletter interesting or helpful to you. If there are specific issues you feel the ACP should be advocating for or educational efforts, we should be offering to you at a local level please email me

I wish you all a happy and healthy new year.

Best regards,

Mark Noah, MD, FACP
Governor ACP Southern California Region 1



News for the Fall ACP Board of Governors Meeting

The ACP Board of Governors had their Fall meeting in Seattle, Washington last September. The topics discussed at meeting ranged from establishing a council of independent practice internist to improving reimbursement for cognitive services. Each resolution that was recommended for adoption by the Board of Governors was forwarded to the ACP Board of Regents for a final decision on ACP adoption and implementation.

Skyline of Seattle from a ferry on a rather dreary morning
Pictures of blown glass sculptures at the Chihuly Gardens next to the Seattle Space Needle
The Governor's class of 2020 at the Seattle BOG meeting

Resolutions approved for Adoption/Implementation by the BOR after the Seattle meeting:

  1. The Board of Regents (BOR) advocates for data collection to measure the association between Medicare's nonpayment policy and the injurious inpatient fall outcome addressed by the hospital-acquired conditions (HACs) initiative; and the BOR asks CMS that early mobilization be considered as a performance measure to be tested and validated; the BOR advocate for data collection to describe how implementation of an early mobilization measure interacts with the fall indicator.
  2. The BOR will promote the high value primary care that internist provide, and commits to demonstrating and marketing the value of the General Internist to the public
  3. The BOR will petition the United States DEA to change tramadol from a schedule IV to a schedule III controlled substance.
  4. The BOR will work with the CMS and third-party payors to investigate additional ways to develop and support a more realistic valuation for the level of cognitive services provided and a more equitable alignment with the level of reimbursement paid.
  5. The BOR will seek full coverage under Medicare Part B and Part D of the Td and Tdap vaccine and its administration for all Medicare patients.
  6. The BOR will develop ACP policy opposing any requirement for ninety-day prescribing, opposing any financial penalty to the patient based on the number of days prescribed.
  7. The BOR will advocate for immunity from federal prosecution of patients using medical marijuana and their physicians who certify or recommend such use in accordance with their state's laws.
  8. The BOR develops a policy statement calling for transparency and community learning toward physician suicide prevention.

Resolutions approved as Reaffirmation of Existing ACP Policies by the BOR:

  1. Energizing the Patient before Paperwork Project; Supporting an improvement in the Prior Authorization Process; seeking Federal legislation to require Medicare Advantage, Medicaid and commercial insurance to pay for Advance Care planning
  2. 10. The BOR will update its policy and support legislature to oppose purchasing of tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes, by individuals under the age of 21
  3. 11. The BOR will develop guidance to support ACP members in states that have legalized Physician Aid in Dying (PAD) and request a systematic review of best practices in advanced care planning (including goals of care discussions), provision of palliative care in advanced disease, and compassionate patient-centered end of life care, and use this information to develop educational resources.



ACP National Advocacy

ACP continues its aggressive national advocacy for issues that are important to you and the care your patients receive. Some of the issues ACP has fought for include: the continued higher payment for level 5 complex patient visits, reducing firearm injuries and deaths, addressing compensation disparities for cognitive services, addressing social determinants of health care disparities, and continuing the fight for patient care above paperwork. A brief summary of the Advocacy efforts of the ACP is available on the College's web site.

Please sign up to join the Advocate for Internal Medicine Network. This is a great way to understand how you can be a part of physicians that are trying to improve the health care system at a national and statewide level.



ACP Awards and Advancements

2018 Chapter Excellence Award


I am pleased to announce that our chapter is in receipt of the 2018 Chapter Excellence Award! The award recognizes chapters which successfully meet specific criteria including formulating an effective Governor's Council and committees, communicating frequently with membership, providing educational opportunities, recruiting and advancing members and celebrating membership through local awards. I put forth my thanks to those many chapter members who assisted in assuring our chapter meets all the criteria of excellence listed above.

New ACP Fellows from the Southern California Chapter Region I

I am happy to announce the following ACP members that have been advanced to Fellowship in the last 6 months:

Thanda Aung, MBBS, FACP
Arnab Basu, MD, FACP
Deborah E Carlson, MD, FACP
Maria-Teresa MP Cuddihy, MD, FACP
Hooman Dehghan, MD, FACP
Anil Hanuman, DO, FACP
Michael Hochman, MD, FACP
Bina A Kamdar, MD, FACP
Byong-Wha E Lee, MD, FACP
Roger M Lee, MD, FACP
Harley Russell Liker, MD, MBA, FACP
Johnathan Liu, MD, FACP
Reshma Mahmood, MD, FACP
Johnathan Liu, MD, FACP
Reshma Mahmood, MD, FACP
Jeffrey M Miller, MD, FACP
Mojtaba Moghadam, MD, FACP
Joseph Matthew Nussbaum, MD, FACP
Tevan Ovsepyan, DO, FACP
Claudia Una Pfeif, MD, FACP
Suman M Radhakrishna, MD, FACP
Sonali Saluja, MD, FACP
Michael A Sanchez, MD, FACP
Akiko Suzuki, MD, FACP



ACP Southern California Educational Meeting October 2018

All three regions of the Southern California ACP held a very successful annual education/research meeting at the Hyatt Regency in Huntington Beach. There were over 400 register participants at the meeting that included sessions on the 10 most important articles in General Internal Medicine in 2018, obesity management, antibiotic stewardship and anticoagulation options for atrial fibrillation. There were workshops on office-based procedures, and sessions on physician wellness including use of yoga and meditation. Additionally, there were two ABIM Maintenance of Certification were offered on hospitalist medicine, outpatient medicine. Residents had separate sessions on preparing for subspecialty fellowships applications and interviews, and medical students had sessions on preparing a CV and what you need to know when going through the residency application and match process. There were over 400 educational posters presented by resident, medical students, and early career physicians, and the annual Doctor's Dilemma (Medical Jeopardy) competition was a battle between 12 Southern California internal medicine residency programs.


The winners for the poster competition and the Doctor's Dilemma are listed below:

Residents, Clinical Vignettes (ACP Southern California Region 1)

1st Place – Karen Haiber, MD (USC) - “A Unique Case of Hyperviscosity Syndrome

2nd Place – Maralee Kanin, MD (UCLA-OVMC) – “Say N2O to Drugs: A Unique Presentation of Nitrous-Oxide Induced B12 Deficiency”

3rd Place – Steven Wu, MD (Huntington Hospital) – “N2O Laughing Matter: A Case of Subacute Combined Degeneration Induced by Recreational Nitrous Oxide Inhalation

Charles Hamori, MD, FACP, Mark Noah, MD, FACP, Steven Wu, MD, Alpesh Amin, MD, MACP, and poster competition coordinator Bindu Swaroop, MD, FACP

Residents, Research (ACP all three Southern California regions)

1st Place – Sandeep Nayak, MD (Loma Linda) – “Social; Vulnerability Index Correlates with Rate of Asthma Related Emergency Department Visits and Hospitalizations

2nd Place – Manita Choudhary, MD (Kaiser Fontana) – “Bisphosphonates and Fracture Incidence in Young Adults

3rd Place – Joshua Chen (Kaiser Fontana) – “Evaluation of Antibiotic Oral Step-down Regimens in Nosocomial Pneumonia

Governors Hamori, Noah, and Amin with Dan Pham, MD, Sandeep Nayak, MD, and Bindu Swaroop, MD, FACP


Residents, Innovation (ACP all three Southern California regions)

1st Place – Erica Duh, MD (UCI) – “Achieving an Optical Artificial Intelligence (AI) System for Real-Time Diagnosis and Resection of Colonic Polyps

2nd Place – Michael Albert, MD (Cedars-Sinai) – “Checkup Appointment and Readmission Expectation Study (ACC CARE STUDY)

3rd Place- Nikita Jambulingam, MD- (UCLA-Olive View) – “Examining the Impact of Wellness and Resiliency Sessions on First-year Internal Medicine Resident Burnout

Governors Hamori, Noah, and Amin with Erica Duh, MD, and Bindu Swaroop, MD, FACP

Medical Students – Clinical Vignette (ACP Southern California Region 1)

1st Place – Marina Sprague (UCLA) – “Hindsight is 20/50 in a Case of Neuro-ocular Syphilis

2nd Place- Amrita Ayer (UCLA) – “A Case of Mixed Anemias: Parvo B19 infection in the Setting of Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia

3rd Place- Alexander Yuen (UCLA) – “Seizure Associated Diffuse Alveolar Hemorrhage

Medical Student Research – (ACP all Three Southern California regions)

1st Place – KimNgan Nguyen (UCLA) – “Health Literacy's Role Amongst Hospitalized Medicine Patients

2nd Place – Philip Dunn (UCLA) – “Hypertension Education of Chinese-speaking Populations Through Facebook

3rd Place – Sophia Raefsky (UCI) – “Knowledge, Attitude, and Practices of Tuberculosis in Ngobe-Bulgle Populations in Panama

Medical Student Innovation – (ACP all Three Southern California regions)

1st Place - Will Novey (UCI) – “Orange County Transitions in Health Program: A Medical Student Initiative to Assist Inmates in Accessing Care Upon Release”

2nd Place - Surabhi Reddy (UCI) – “Examining Medical Students' Knowledge, Interest, and Attitudes in Health Systems Before and After a New Curriculum

3rd Place - Ajay Sharma (USC) – “Predicting the Appropriateness of Probiotics Administration for the Prevention of Clostridium Difficile-Associated Diarrhea

ACP (all three Southern California regions) Doctor's Dilemma Winners

UCLA Internal Medicine Residency Program (Team Members Lauren Sullivan, MD, Dave Oveisi, MD and Evan Shih, MD)

Left to Right: Charles Hamori, MD, FACP, Evan Shih, MD, Lauren Sullivan, MD, Dave Oveisi, MD, Mark S. Noah, MD, FACP, Alpesh Amin, MD, MACP



ACP Southern California Region 1 Laureate Award Recipient

Laxmi Suthar, MD, FACP is the recipient of the 2018 ACP Southern California Region 1 Laureate Award given in honor of her dedicated service to our region. Dr. Suthar is the Internal Medicine Program Director at UCLA-Olive View Medical Center, and an Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine in the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. She did her medical school training at Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland and completed both her internal medicine residency and medical education fellowship at UCSF. Dr. Suthar held faculty positions at Keck Medical School at USC and the University of Irvine College of Medicine before she was recruited to UCLA Olive View. Over the past several years, Dr. Suthar has participated in all ACP Southern California Regional Meetings. She took on the responsibility of running the regional poster competition two year in a row. This task takes a monumental coordination effort to review over 400 clinical and research abstracts, assign close to 50 physicians to meet with poster presenters on the day of the regional meeting and finally organize the final ranking of each poster so that winners of each category in the competition can be determined and presented with their awards by the end of the one day meeting. Anyone who has attended the regional meetings realizes the tremendous amount of planning and effort required to organize our poster competition, and we acknowledge Dr. Suthar's efforts with this Laureate Award.

Governor Noah with Laureate Award winner Laxmi Suthar, MD, FACP



See you in Spring 2019 at ACP Internal Medicine Meeting in Philadelphia

The National ACP moves to the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, this spring. The meeting dates are April 11-13, 2019, so please put this in your calendar and join us for this superb educational meeting. We also hope you will join the California, Hawaii, and Arizona Chapters reception that will be held on the evening of Friday, April 13, 2019 at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown.