Chief Residents Association of Baltimore (CRAB)

The MD ACP Chief Resident Association of Baltimore (CRAB) hosted its first in-person meeting in 3 years. We were delighted with the turnout, and the fact that so many of our programs were represented at this meeting.

There are several activities that we are planning and will provide a calendar of events in the next few weeks.

For now, congrats to our new 2022-2023 CRAB co-chairs:

Haider Navqi & JingJing Chen (MHIM)
Laxman Wagle (SAH)
Ahlaa Salim (Sinai)
Andrew Kithas (UM/VA)
Fahad Alkhalfan, Harim Kim, Sneha Thomas (UM/Midtown)

Jonathan Na (UM/VA) & Sneha Thomas will be our social media coordinators for residents this year.

Pictures of the event are below. Thanks again to our programs who ensure that our CRAB group is always able to provide so many varied and interesting activities to residents and students in Maryland.


History of CRAB