ACP Maryland Chapter Council of Early Career Physicians

The American College of Physicians formed the National Council of Early Career Physicians (ECP) in June 2005. An Early Career Physician Physician is defined as a physician member of ACP who is within 16 years of graduating medical school. The Maryland Chapter has formed its own Early Career Physician Council to address the special needs and interests of this group.

Our mission is as follows:

To enhance the professional development and quality of life for young physicians, fostering their involvement in College activities, and ensuring their needs are being met.

The goals of the Maryland Council of Early Career Physicians are as follows:

  1. To establish and promote the highest clinical standards and ethical ideals in the work and professional lives of Early Career Physicians;
  2. To assist Early Career Physicians with their academic and professional needs;
  3. To recognize individual excellence and distinguished contributions of Early Career Physicians to internal medicine;
  4. To develop educational programs and products of interest to Early Career Physicians that will increase their likelihood of remaining in the College;
  5. To promote the development of programs for Early Career Physicians at chapter/state level;
  6. To encourage productive interactions and dialogues with Early Career Physicians in other medical specialty organizations on issues of common interest; and
  7. To incorporate diversity in the composition of the Council and in its strategic objectives.

As Early Career Physicians, we represent the future of ACP and the field of internal medicine as a whole. Therefore, it is vital that we stay actively involved in College leadership and help influence the advocacy of the College and the future of this profession.

What can the College do for you? Please get involved ...

Some ideas for future seminars are:

  • Starting your own practice
  • Contract negotiations
  • Financial planning and debt management counseling
  • Managing visa issues
  • Career options-private practice, hospitalist, government /Academic
  • Understanding managed care
  • Understanding various payer models (capitation, fee for service, pay for performance)
  • Achieving Work-life balance

Would any of these be helpful for you? Are you interested in working in the committee? Any suggestions, ideas, thoughts are welcome. Please contact us.

Youngjee Choi, MD, FACP, Co-Chair
Nargiz Muganlinskaya, MD, FACP, Co-Chair
Louis Saade, MD, Co-Chair
Sam Kant, MD, Co-Chair


Benefits and Pitfalls of Social Media in the Life of a Physician
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