ACP Fellowship Application Materials

Prior to completing an ACP Fellowship application, please note the following:

  • By applying for Fellowship, candidates affirm that they will uphold the ethics of medicine as exemplified by the standards and traditions of the College. For details, view the ACP Pledge.
  • There is a one-time ACP Fellowship initiation fee of $175 payable upon submission of your application for advancement to Fellowship.*
  • All materials submitted for consideration must be legible. Illegible handwritten materials will be returned to the originator for resubmission and will delay the application process.
  • Sponsor forms or letters must be individually composed. If both of the submissions appear to be highly duplicative in content, one of the authors may be asked to resubmit their letter or form to include additional special accomplishments or leadership qualities.
  • Sponsors must have attained Mastership or Fellowship in the College and are current members in good standing. In addition, at least one sponsor must reside in candidate’s current chapter. A sponsor from outside of the Chapter must have worked with the candidate within the past three years.

ACP Fellowship Application Form

  • Members may access their personal, pre-populated Fellowship application. (You must have a username and password to access this application)
  • For members who cannot access the pre-populated application, please download an editable Fellowship application.

Additional FACP Application Materials

Below are additional forms for use in preparing the Fellowship application materials.

*If elected to Fellowship while a Resident/Fellow Member and in fellowship training, you will be charged full membership dues.