Annals Graphic Medicine - An Apple a Day

This short, compelling video graphically illustrates the enormity of the problem of food insecurity.

Use this video to:

  • Consider whether you understand what food insecurity is.
  • Consider whether your patients have to worry about getting enough to eat.
  • How might such insecurity affect a patient's health and the care of chronic conditions? How might it affect the care of a patient with diabetes, or a patient with heart failure?
  • Do you ask patients about this issue? Would it be insulting to ask? How could you ask in a sensitive way? What would you do if they learned that their patient had difficulty getting enough to eat? What options are available to help?
  • Ask a patient whether he or she worries about getting enough to eat outside the hospital. If so, would he or she be comfortable talking about this with your entire team present? How do concerns about food influence the patient's health care?

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