Comparative Effectiveness of Implementation Strategies for Blood Pressure Control in Hypertensive Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

This meta-analysis of data from 100 trials examines the comparative effectiveness of 8 implementation strategies for blood pressure control in adults with hypertension.

Use this review to:

  • Consider what strategies are used to help patients reach blood pressure treatment goals.
  • Review the list of implementation strategies in Table 1. Before reviewing this study's results, consider how well you think each of the listed strategies performs.
  • Review the results. Are you surprised?
  • Why do you think certain strategies work better than others?
  • If team-based approaches to blood pressure control are used, who should be involved? Who should monitor performance? How should performance be assessed?
  • Why do you think that involvement of nonphysician team members was found to be useful? What are the potential benefits, as well as barriers to their involvement?

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